Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort is the Seattle Storm’s exclusive casino partner

The Angel of the Winds Casino Resorts has become the Seattle Storm‘s exclusive casino partner. This is a first-time collaboration in the organization’s history, and it will allow both organisations to provide premium entertainment experiences to fans from across the region. It’s been four years since this team has seen championship storms; now it appears they’re set up with great partners who can help them get back there!

Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort is pleased to announce its role as the Seattle Storm’s Exclusive Casino Partner. This is the first partnership of its kind in Seattle Storm history, and it is sure to get their loyal fan base even more excited about what these two powerhouses have in store for us next.

Furthermore, the Storm is committed to local youth development in the areas of fitness and wellness, with a focus on inspiring leadership, motivation, and empowerment. The possibility of this collaboration exemplifies the Stillaguamish Tribe’s commitment since Angel of Winds 16 years ago, when they invested back into the region, strengthening our community.

Travis O’Neil, General Manager of Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort, is looking forwards to working with Tom Brady and his father on their new restaurant. “Plus,” he said this morning as they entered the resort’s conference centre for a meeting, “who wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to partner with a four-time champion?”

Travis O’Neil has had numerous opportunities in his long career in hospitality, but nothing compares to collaborating with four-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and legendary football coach Bill Belichick (Brady & Coach).

Next Basketball Season

To promote their casino, Angel of the Winds Casino Resort is putting its name on Storm basketball games. The new agreement will go into effect in 2021, but you can already see Angel Of The Wind logos on both teams’ benches and underneath each hoop. They’ll also be awarding “Player of the Game” prizes after each match!

Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort is excited to announce that we will continue to be the official casino of Storm Basketball for at least another two years! It is our responsibility as partners to demonstrate dedication and commitment in everything we do. Our next home game with your Seattle Storm team will be against the Washington Mystics on Tuesday, June 22nd, beginning at 7 p.m. Don’t forget to come out and watch some live basketball action!

Storm, good luck this season!

The Storm Basketball team has had a fantastic season thus far, and to celebrate, the partnership between our beloved Seattle Storm and Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort North of Chance Creek will be extended for at least two more years! We are honoured to be the official sponsor of your hometown basketball team. Your next home game will be against the Washington Mystics on Tuesday, June 22nd, beginning at 7 p.m. Come out and see some exciting live action in Everett!

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