As the pandemic recovery begins, Las Vegas welcomes its newest casino

World Las Vegas: Vegas welcomes its newest casino as recovery from pandemic takes hold

Resorts World Las Vegas, a sprawling mega casino that has been around since the 1960s in nearby Reno is finally opening it’s doors to Sin City. The company had no idea how good they would have it when things started going south for everyone else two years ago and decided not to open until now because of all the recent changes on their end brought about by lower unemployment rates as well as an uptick in tourism from Asia due to direct flights between Beijing and Los Angeles which are owned by partner HNA Group who also own 20% stake Resorts World.

In light of these circumstances, we hit paydirt with our newest property inaugurated just last month at ground zero- long hailed where luck really does play center stage: casinos

“After years of construction and the still-present threat of a global pandemic, Las Vegas welcomes its newest casino this week – just like we’ve always done.” “The massive $4.3 billion Resorts World Casino opens for business at an opportune time when Las Vegas is rebounding from a financially crippling shutdown,” said Steve Hill, head of the LVCVA.

The first newly built casino along the Strip in a decade, Resorts World Las Vegas features all of the bells and whistles that visitors have come to expect from a luxury property. In addition to having 117000 square feet of casino floor space as well as an on-site sportsbook and 1,800 sq ft infinity pool; Genting Berhad is also planning on using their technology which they hope will set them apart from competitors such as Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan with shows weekly at The Theater At MGM Grand Arena.

The company has announced a slew of partnerships that will allow guests the option of mobile payments for everything at the resort, even betting tables. They also invested heavily in security and they are going to be utilizing RFID embedded chips so guests can always know their activity is accounted for. The city’s newest casino promises it’s “most technologically advanced” with an eye on safety and ease as well!

“We’ve created an industry leading cashless wagering technology where guests can play in a slot machine using cashless wagering from their phone and they can do the same at a table. Gamblers will be able to load money onto their digital wallets by linking it with bank accounts, credit cards or PayPal through on-site kiosks.”

Sibella, the general manager of a new luxury resort in Las Vegas said that they are working with Gemini crypto exchange. Guests will soon be able to use digital currencies when gambling or paying for amenities and food at their property. Sibella did not mention which cryptocurrencies would be accepted but this is an exciting detail as it has been reported before, there was only one cryptocurrency ATM in all of Nevada prior to Covid restrictions being lifted last June 1st

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what’s up with guests using digital currency? Well according to reports, local residents have long required access too any form of banking services even if just once per week so that they could purchase necessities such as groceries and gasoline on credit cards–something casinos were

Some people in Las Vegas are becoming frustrated with the wait times at popular restaurants. The CEO of Genting Company said that “Timing is everything due to luck more than anything else.” Others have pointed out some issues with Resorts World without international travelers, especially those from Asia.

Chinese tourists are a vital part of the tourism industry. Recently, they were banned from entering many countries because of fears about pandemic infection. Genting’s chairman said that he looks forward to welcoming back these visitors in hopes they will play an important role again in global travel when the ban is lifted and Chinese people can return home safely.

More than 2.9 million passengers traveled through Las Vegas McCarran International Airport in April, the last month where figures are available, representing a drop of 32% from 2019. However, industry insiders anticipate that numbers will rise significantly by May and June because “Las Vegas doesn’t operate well without crowd,” Hill said (Hill).

And so, rather than creating new competition for neighboring casinos with their newest property, analysts anticipate Resorts World will have the opposite effect. “A brand-new Las Vegas opening like any other can drive increased visitation,” said Barry Jonas of Truist Securities. “As many customers who are looking to trial the newer destination also enjoy visiting multiple destinations throughout his or her stay.”
Lim surveyed his latest property and smiled from ear to ear before exclaiming: ”It’s great being able to look around Las Vegas and definitely say ‘Las Vegas is on its way back in business!’

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