Australia Considers Banning Credit Cards for Online Gambling

The Australian Parliament is considering prohibiting the use of credit cards or digital wallets for online gambling transactions in Australia. They already prohibit using these methods in public places, so it makes sense to extend that policy to what can be done on a computer as well. It appears that Andrew Wallace, who is powerful and a member of the Queensland Liberal National Party, as well as the chairperson of the joint parliamentary committee on corporations and financial services, has called for an enquiry to look into the possibility of amending the Interactive Gambling Amendment Act 2017 because he believes that we should think things through carefully before making such decisions.

The Australian parliament wants to enact new gambling laws that prohibit the use of any form of card—credit or debit—to gamble.

In his recent address to Parliament, Mr Wallace was questioned about the gambling industry. He urged government officials to take corrective action, claiming that online gamblers who use credit cards may face high interest rates and significant losses. According to Mr Wallace, the Commonwealth’s responsibility for this sector needs to be improved; people spend approximately $25 billion on gambling each year.

A recent parliamentary committee discovered that Sunshine Coast University hospitals could be built every year due to increases in treatment demand. This is an intriguing finding because there are currently only six of these hospitals on-site, and it will undoubtedly prompt more people in need of medical care to come forwards with their concerns about what they may have been suffering from over time or not following up on remedies prescribed by physicians previously.

This report will not only address gambling-related issues, but also how consumer protection measures would work if online casinos were made legal in Australia – which appears unlikely at the moment given Australia’s strict stance against anything remotely related to gambling being introduced into our country and so many other ways available (including overseas) where such facilities already exist.

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