Banned gamblers in South Australia will be tracked down using facial recognition technology

South Australian gaming establishments are now employing facial recognition technology to track down banned gamblers. With the assistance of Vix Vizion, facial recognition has been installed in the majority of South Australian venues, including pubs, clubs, and casinos. New gambling restrictions went into effect on December 3rd, 2020, requiring licensees to use facial-recognition technology on all patrons entering their establishment for wagering purposes (to identify barred persons).

“By alerting gaming venue staff when a patron on the list of barred individuals enters the room, facial recognition technology will further support and assist licenced venues in meeting their responsibilities of identifying barred patrons.”

As explained by South Australian Consumer and Business Services (CBS). Under these changes, the holder of a gaming machine licence must use facial recognition if their establishment has 30 or more machines.

The system alerts attendants to customers who are not permitted, ensuring security within legitimate establishments and preventing fraud with stolen cash cards from being used outside authorised areas such as -or inside them-.

“Face recognition is widely used in casinos. Licensees must notify all visitors that a facial image will be taken before they can enter the casino.” The state prohibits using this system for anything other than identifying barred patrons, lottery or customer loyalty programmes.

People’s lives are changing as a result of facial recognition technology. Vix Vizion has developed a face scanner that can identify individuals from South Australia’s digital database of banned and self-excluded individuals at venues throughout the state, eliminating the need for hard copy photographs obtained from various lists. This technology may appear intrusive to some, but it greatly simplifies the identification of offenders for law enforcement officials, allowing them to better protect venue patrons who would otherwise be put in danger due to human error or inefficient list management practises.

The use of facial recognition by gaming venues streamlines operations by providing more accurate information on those who are not allowed inside through easy identification without the need for physical pictures, which increases security risks such as tampering with photos, allowing criminals to enter using false identities.

Vix Vizion’s biometric-enabled facial recognition software can detect personal changes in people’s appearance and achieve detection rates of more than 90%. This is significant because if a blocked individual enters a monitored location, the Vix Vizion alert will signal the need for security personnel intervention.

As technology advances, it is important to remember that it should be used for good. A government in Australia’s southern state is using technological advances to protect communities while also creating new jobs and bringing more tourists to towns like Mount Gambier – all through gaming! Because of Vix Vizion’s commitment to providing solutions where they are most needed: at local game venues, this initiative will soon be expanded throughout other Australian states as well.

“We applaud the South Australian government’s initiative,” says Gavin Wilson of Cradlepoint APAC managing director and Vix vizion projection design company head Jim Wardle. With preventative measures embedded within mobile games or video gambling machines (VG), technological advancements such as this one can help bring safety back home.

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