Cashless Casino Accepts Resorts World and Sightline Payments

Resorts World and Sightline Payments Bet On Cashless Casino

Las Vegas is not just a city of gambling anymore. It’s actually the first digital casino in the world, thanks to Resorts World and their new partnership with Sightline
Moving away from traditional casinos that only take cash at all times has been on people’s minds for years now, but it looks like we’re finally getting close! With this move by Laspas’ newest resort coming soon to be unveiled very shortly you’ll never have worry about carrying around large sums of money again when playing games or even doing some shopping down there. Nowadays credit cards are more widely accepted as well so if your card runs out then they will most likely let you use another one until yours gets charged up again after 24 hours without using it which means no more

Cashless gambling is on the rise, with other developers joining in. Resorts World timed their release well- post pandemic demand has brought leisure travelers back to Vegas for that elusive jackpot. Digital or not, keep one thing in mind—the house always wins!

On June 24th, the world’s first cashless casino will be opening on The Strip. Resorts World is a $4 billion development and its flagship attraction of 1 million square feet includes all-new restaurants by celebrity chefs Guy Savoy, Joel Robuchon and Wolfgang Puck as well as luxury retail shops like Hermes to Prada with gambling areas that are smartly hidden in plain sight among fake trees draped with vines or around elegant water features such
as cascading pools full of exotic fish.

Resorts World will be the first Las Vegas casino where people can enjoy a cashless experience at both table games and slots. As part of GamingPlay, guests have three ways to load their digital wallet: by depositing money on one of NRT Technology’s kiosks or with player services desk staff members; enrolling in Sightline’s Play+ program;
or if they are an existing customer who logs into Casino Rewards through

Sightline Payments, a company that provides loyalty card programs and cashless solutions to casino operators is proud of its latest accomplishment. The new Wynn Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas will now offer three different ways for guests to input their membership cards into the system with physical or digital options at hand as well as an option for phone number entry by any slot machine on property. To add another layer of convenience, members can also transfer points from other casinos onto their account while they play making it easy access when you’re out gambling your hard-earned money!

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