Casinos in Singapore start enjoying relaxed rules as the country eases COVID-19 restrictions

Singapore has announced that the first in a two-step process to ease them out of their recent COVID-19 lockdown. The Ministry of Health released an update on Monday stating operating capacity limits for various businesses had increased from 25% to 50%. Currently, hotels have eased restrictions such as number people allowed per hotel room and at wedding ceremonies. There are also many other exciting updates coming within the next few days including museums and public libraries increasing usage by up to 80%.

Singapore’s new move is geared towards easing restrictions which caused great inconvenience during Singapore’s latest COVID outbreak last week where they implemented maximum occupancy caps on attractions, cruises, weddings etc., with penalties ranging from fines or jail time.

Unsatisfied with their current industry-leading standards, Marina Bay Sands has made more changes for visitors. They are now open to people over 21 years of age and will resume MICE events capped at 250 attendees on Monday 21 June. In addition, they have relaxed restrictions even further by allowing dine-in services in the restaurants as groups of up to five guests from next Monday onward! Singapore reported 18 new community-transmitted cases COVID 19 this past week; however it does not seem like tourism is slowing down anytime soon thanks to these exciting updates.

The easing of COVID restrictions comes two weeks after Marina Bay Sands revealed it had conducted mass testing on almost 7,500 staff and 800 contractors in response to the recent outbreak. All but one came back negative with a total population tested reaching over 10 000 people! The integrated resort reopened casino operations just last week following an extensive deep-cleaning process that was put into effect as soon as 2 dealers were found positive for COVID-19.

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