Construction of a temporary casino in Rockford has been approved

Construction of temporary Rockford casino approved

Illinois Gaming Board officials approve 815 Entertainment’s request to begin construction of a temporary Rockford casino. Construction could start as soon as the site clears inspections for safety concerns and asbestos removal, which will only take about two weeks.

Marcus Fruchter, Gaming Board Administrator for Rockford County, issued a letter of approval to the applicant in response to their request. Construction can now commence on the temporary casino facility that will be completed within three months.

Plans are in motion for a temporary casino location to open up by the end of 2017. The restaurant and banquet hall will be transformed into this new 37,790-square foot space that’s slated to have 736 slot machines. This is also expected to include two restaurants, though one may need some modifications before opening day arrives; there could potentially even be a “Rock Shop.”

“Mayor Tom McNamara said this is a proud day for Rockford, which will be the first of six new casino locations approved by last year’s state gambling expansion. “This is a huge accomplishment for our community and it will bring hundreds of construction jobs to Rockford,” McNamara said in his written statement. The temporary casino could operate as early as May 2020 while the permanent $311 million Hard Rock Casino located in downtown can begin being built.”

Dave Syverson said he has championed a casino in Rockford for 20 years. He worked with four mayors, four governors and numerous legislators to make it happen. Currently the project is still waiting on further permission before construction can begin at the entrance of Interstate 90 and East State Street where The Clock Tower Resort used to be located

Syverson said he believes 815 Entertainment LLC is in a good position to succeed, citing that they have partnered with Hard Rock International and Ringland-Johnson Construction. He also gave them credit for having agreements worked out with local governments and labor unions which will allow the company “to hit the ground running.”

“The project was a long time coming, but finally the work is done and I’m proud to say that Rockford’s Hard Rock Cafe turned out even better than we had expected. We’ve got something special here: not only do our guests enjoy an unparalleled experience in food and beverage service, they also get access to some of the most coveted memorabilia from all four corners of the globe.”

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