Dana White is barred from entering Las Vegas casinos after winning up to $7 million in a single night

UFC President Dana White jokes that he is a “degenerate gambler,” but he has won millions of dollars in Las Vegas casinos playing high-stakes blackjack. His run became so spectacular that one venue, the Palms Casino, presented him with a UFC belt as a way of congratulating him on his winnings – and warned White to stay away from the tables. It’s no surprise given that he recalls winning $1 million there more than once, while Joe Rogan claims $7 million was increased by up to $1 million lost on another night.

Is Dana White a multibillionaire? No, not quite. He is estimated to be worth $500 million, and in 2016, he sold his majority stake in the UFC to investors for $4 billion! That was play money for him because he now has a president’s job with a reported eight-figure salary. However, casinos barred Donald from playing blackjack for many years after discovering that he was a pro at the game!

“I used to be able to beat them for $1.6 million when the Palms was owned by the Maloof family,” he said. “However, once they sold out and a new group of people took over, they asked me not to play there any longer.”

“Listen, man; Vegas is all about losing; no one wants winners here! So when this place was purchased again––the owners immediately granted my request because these guys are actually cool with success, unlike how mean those other ones were!”

“Palms undisputed blackjack champion: Dana White,” White proudly exclaimed, pointing to a world-title belt. The belt’s top is inscribed with “$1.6 million prise money” and the words “Undisputed Blackjack Champion 24-0.” He adds, “That’s just what it appears to be on paper,” but Rogan claims he won up to $7 million at various tables during this time.

“I bet $1 million on Taylor, and he got annihilated,” White explained. “It was the first time I bet a million dollars because I was so sure Taylor would win.”

“Perhaps you should avoid boxing bets and stick to blackjack, Dana,” she joked. “If you can find any casinos willing to let you gamble,” her friend encouraged.

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