Esports Betway’s Content Receives 65 Million Views

Betway is the leading esports bookmaker, with over 215,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel. The videos produced by the company range from CS:GO tutorials and challenges to personality-based content such as Him or Me. Their most viewed video of all time, titled “How Many Hours Do You Have In CS:GO?” received 1,524,049 views.

Betway’s content has been so successful that their YouTube channel has surpassed 3 million hours of watch time. This success can be attributed to well-known faces who have appeared in Betway videos, as well as personalities such as Adam Savinson, Esports Manager at Betway Communications.

“We are proud to have reached this enormous milestone,” Mr. Savinson said in a recent interview with, “but it is only the beginning.” With all of these famous appearances combined with informative esports coverage – as seen in a new promotional video highlighting upcoming Dota2 matches – we’re excited to see what the future holds for one of our favourite betting brands.

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