In the first 2.5 months, Shambala casino received approximately 550 visitors per day

According to the most recent business update, the Shambala casino resort in Primorye, Russia, averaged 550 guests per day during its first 2.5 months of operation, with a peak of 700 on Fridays. The average guest is between the ages of 25 and 35 and comes from the area surrounding this flashy new property, where they spend an estimated total of 8,439 Rubles (US$117) on gaming and 1,539 RUB ($30) on food and beverage services.

Shambala CJSC plans to invest $110 million USD in the construction of a casino zone 50 kilometres from Vladivostok. With the release of their new slot machine this year, Shambala will be a part of an entertainment area that promises its visitors luxury service, sophisticated gambling facilities, and guaranteed wins!

Shambala CJSC has pledged over 8 billion Rubles ($110 million) to build what they call “Russia’s most luxurious integrated resort complex” near Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific coast. The project began in November 2018 with the start of construction on the elegant venue, ensuring perfection for those who visit in the coming years as well as bragging rights against competitors across the Asia-Pacific region due to being one month ahead of any other competitor opening.

The Tigre de Cristal casino resort, owned by Hong Kong-listed Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd, is located in the Primorye IEZ. The $200 million project, which began operations in October 2015, has been a success. Other casinos in the development plan include one from NagaCorp Ltd., which was recently built at Cambodia’s Shambala Resort Hotel & Casino near Phnom Penh International Airport with a US$300 million investment. Men appear to have outnumbered women in their first few months of operation, with 58 percent visiting versus 42 percent.

Despite the fact that 62 percent of all visitors aged 21 to 36 were Primorye women, 64 percent prefered gaming machines, 32 percent prefered roulette, and 11 percent prefered poker. Baccarat is only entertaining for a few East Asian players as long as borders are closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, because it is their favourite table game – even though they can’t travel here anymore!

The recent travel restrictions have had an impact on Shambala’s casino, but not as much as you might expect. The majority of visitors were Russian nationals from nearby Vladivostok. Those who did attend came from 24 different countries, demonstrating how global the market for casinos like Shamba’s is; there is never a shortage of people to gamble with or over a drink!

There were 864 guests from Asian countries and regions, with 2,849 from so-called “neighbouring countries.”

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