Jeju will begin testing gaming equipment in foreigner-only casinos

Jeju to start testing of gaming equipment at foreigner-only casinos

Jeju Province will be carrying out inspections on all slot machines and table games in order to ensure fair play. The move follows a change in regulations last year which saw the responsibility for such testing being placed directly into Jeju’s hands, rather than relying on other bodies like KIMM. It remains unclear why this has been deemed necessary by authorities but is nonetheless welcomed news among those who have long awaited increased transparency of the industry

Jeju is a beautiful island with lots of fun things to do, but it’s also got some serious issues. For one thing, the government has had its eye on Jeju’s casinos for quite awhile now because they’re all technically illegal due to prohibition in South Korea–but that doesn’t seem like such an issue anymore as inspectors are beginning their work by checking out every machine and game coming from overseas manufacturers before use!

According to a report by Newsis News Agency , Jeju purchased five types of casino testing and inspection equipment in October 2019 . Inspections will seek counterfeit machines or tampering.

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