Largest Europe’s and oldest casino takes a chance and reopens

The Venue in Campione d’Italia was established as a spy base during World War I. It closed and reopened several times, but it rose to prominence during Mussolini’s dictatorship, when he renamed The Town “Campione” to further assert Italy’s identity on its border with Switzerland.

Casino di Campione is Europe’s oldest and largest casino, and has brought wealth to the town. When the casino abruptly closed after going bankrupt in 2018, it shocked Americana. That didn’t last long, as a court approved a plan that will allow the Casino to reopen before the end of the year!

“The Campione d’Italia Casino was forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic.” This resulted in the loss of nearly 500 jobs and an additional 300 indirect jobs, which is difficult for any town’s heart.”

He described the sensation of everything collapsing around him, saying, “It was like an earthquake when it all collapsed.” Initially, 174 people will be hired, with the number increasing over the next five years.

“The citizens of Campione can finally look to the future with optimism,” said the town’s mayor, Roberto Canesi, in a statement. We have moved on from the dramatic last three years, which were marked by the long closure of our primary source of support and work. Now that we have been reintegrated into Italy as part of their customs union, I am confident that they will provide us with faster access to jobs, allowing people to return home or find other forms of employment that are more suitable for them.”

The town has the only casino in Italy, which was relocated to new premises designed by renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta. The venue has space for up to 1,000 slot machines and performed well until online gaming took over as the most popular source of revenue.

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