Macarthur FC and the Sydney Swans have declined gambling sponsorships

As they decline sports betting sponsorships, A-League clubs Macarthur FC and Sydney Swans have pledged to raise awareness of gambling issues. This means that fans, staff, and players are all educated on the risks of gambling so that they can enjoy games free of advertisements for the industry.

Natalie Wright, Director of Australia’s Office for Responsible Gambling, is overjoyed that other codes have joined her initiative, noting that “we now have four major agreements across three of the most popular codes after starting with cricket.” That speaks volumes about clubs recognising their role in protecting fans and keeping communities safe.”

Sydney Swans Chief Executive Tom Harley stated that the club is excited to be collaborating with the NSW Government’s Reclaim The Game initiative to raise awareness of the risks associated with gambling and that there will be no advertising or sponsorship.

“The focus is on addressing normalisation of sports betting,” said Gino Marra, Chairman of Macarthur FC.

Marra stated that as a club, they want to ensure the well-being of their members and fans. The collaboration with the Office of Responsible Gambling accomplishes this by joining Reclaim the Game for gambling education programmes in schools across Australia, as well as providing $1 million over five years for research into addiction prevention strategies. “Our players have been zealous about raising awareness on this critical issue,” Marra said proudly.

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