Menominee Casino remained closed for nearly two weeks following the cyberattack

Menominee Casino still closed nearly two weeks after cyberattack

The Menominee Casino is closed for nearly two weeks and members of the community are afraid their credit card info might be compromised after hearing about a cyberattack. Despite its flashy lights, loud music, jackpots and busy parking lots; the casino was shut down due to “technical difficulties” following an attack that happened over June 11 – 17th. Tribal leaders attempted to reopen by last week but it has been extended indefinitely without giving any information on when they’ll have access again or what hackers were able to get away with during this time period.

Our Keshena resident, Williams, says that the disabled casino can’t make any money for the community right now. But he also knows it provides a lot of funding to help sponsor businesses and schools in our local area. The security breach at Menominee’s Casino was described as ‘beyond significant’ by tribal leaders who spoke with NBC 26 this week without response from officials on when we might expect them back up [and running]. Local residents are not concerned though because they believe all will be well soon enough!

A ransomware attack has been ongoing for the last few months. The Menominee Casino hasn’t confirmed if a ransom was paid to get their computer systems back up and running, but one of the largest oil pipelines in America had $4 million taken from them after they were hacked with this malicious software that locks down all data on your system until you pay money for it to be unlocked. Cybercrime is affecting more than just large corporations now – even things like meat packaging plants are being targeted by hackers who demand cash before releasing locked computers again!

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