SkyCity Entertainment joins forces to achieve the 40:40 Vision

SkyCity Entertainment Group has committed to achieving gender balance throughout the organisation by 2023. The 40:40 Vision investor and business-led initiative aims for a commitment of 40% women in executive leadership positions and an equal gender split within ASX200 companies by 2030.

Claire Walker, SkyCity Entertainment Group’s chief people and culture officer, explains, “Over the last year, SkyCity has constantly challenged itself to increase female representation, particularly in senior leadership roles.”

“Sky City’s gender balance across the top four levels of our organisation is currently 50/50, with women holding Director level positions,” she added.

SkyCity has seen an increase in the number of female employees as a result of initiatives that support the development and retention of female talent. They are also working with Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia, Champions for Change New Zealand, and Global Women NZ to better understand intersectionality.

SkyCity has received the gender tick for two years in a row, and CEO Michael Ahearne says he is committed to developing leadership capability in understanding how diversity of thought can be leveraged. “There is clear evidence that having women at the helm leads not only to a fairer workplace, but also to higher profits and better corporate governance,” he says.

“We don’t just want reformation; we want revolution.” The 40:40 Vision pledge is a call to arms, and the world’s largest corporations must respond.”

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