Star Entertainment Strengthens Parental Leave Policies

Star Entertainment Group wanted to send a message when it announced its new parental leave policy. They want their employees to understand their worth and that the company will invest in them. This is great news for those who are getting ready to have children or who have recently had one. Employees can now take up to 16 weeks off after having a child without fear of losing job benefits such as salary replacement and bonuses that could be used towards baby items – all while taking care of themselves and providing time with an infant’s needs so everyone has more restful nights’ sleep at home.

Parental paid leave for new parents will be increased from 10 to 16 weeks for primary caregivers. Secondary caregivers will receive an additional four weeks of leave, and superannuation on all company-paid parental leave will be increased by two weeks for secondary caregivers. Staff members who welcome a new member to the family would receive 18 total days off work after their child is born or adopted in order to take time away from work during this exciting life change event as well as participate in maternity/paternity leaves without fear of losing income due to what should be considered a joyous occasion rather than something that c

Women in the Gaming Industry Celebrate the New Policy

Star Entertainment has announced a collaboration with The Star to provide parental leave for new parents. This will allow working mothers and fathers at the company to take time off while also ensuring they feel safe in welcoming their new family members while on leave. “We understand family situations are different for each staff member,” says Matt Bekier, CEO of both organisations. He went on to say how beneficial this was because some may not have been able to welcome a child if his organisation had not put these policies in place; he wanted them all to be supported so they could grow personally or professionally during their parental leave period.

According to Helen Galloway, CEO of Women in Gaming & Hospitality Australasia (WGH), inclusive policies will help organisations attract and retain talented employees. She stated that The Star deserves praise for the new meaningful policy that aims to provide equality in the workplace.

The Star Entertainment Group

The Star Entertainment Group is an Australian gambling and entertainment company. They own the Treasury Casino & Hotel, The Darling hotel at Woolloomooloo Bay on the edge of Sydney Harbour, and their newest venture, The Grand development of luxury hotels under one roof called “The Star.”

The New South Wales Government is investing $1 billion in The Star Sydney, which will include the construction of two hotel towers.

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