The number of employees at the Saipan regulator will be reduced from 39 to 16

Saipan regulator to see staff numbers slashed from 39 to 16

The Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) of Saipan will see their workforce fall from 39 to 16 on July 31, the date that termination notices sent 60 days ago expire. CCC Chairman Edward DeLeon Guerrero revealed this dire financial reality last week during a monthly meeting and in an interview with local media outlet Saipan Tribune.

The casino operator’s financial woes and their license suspension have led to the loss of hundreds of staff. If they can’t pay back what they owe, there will be no one left for them to make payroll with which might lead other companies in similar conditions as theirs are now looking into bankruptcy protection.

As a result of the IPI’s recent shutdown, Guerrero has been forced to take drastic measures such as shutting off air conditioning units and other appliances in CCC office. In an interview with Saipan Tribune he emphasized that they are receiving just one dollar from government per year which makes it difficult for them not only financially but also having little choice on how much money is spent when there aren’t enough funds.

IPI, after a brief closure on March 17th, is standing its ground against the CCC. The company filed an administrative request for court review of their license fee given COVID-19’s impact on operations and because there are differences in opinion between IPI and the CCC over payment.

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