The Star Sydney has suspended operations in response to the growing Sydney COVID-19 outbreak

The Star Sydney suspends operations on growing Sydney COVID-19 outbreak

The Star Sydney is suspending almost all operations for at least the next two weeks to try and calm a growing outbreak of COVID-19. The latest cluster, which originated from a limousine driver transporting an international flight crew to their hotel, had climbed up 65 by Friday morning including 22 new cases reported within the past 24 hours.

In response to the terrorist attack in Sydney, New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has issued a state-wide lockdown order. Beginning at 11:59pm on Friday night and lasting for seven days, people are not allowed outside of their home or workplace except under extreme circumstances such as an emergency medical situation. This includes shutting down all entertainment venues within this area including The Star Sydney casino which announced they would cease operations during these next few weeks with limited hotel services available until further notice due to the orders from NSW Government officials. In addition, staff members who work here will be compensated through Sunday evening if any additional funds become availble after paying out wages owed today before 5 pm

Sydney’s Star newspaper has had to close twice in the past month, just after Christmas and again two weeks ago. The paper was forced into these closures every time by outbreaks of COVID-19 on Sydney’s northern beaches.

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