Western Sydney Wanderers partnership in the A-League has been rejected by gambling sponsors

The Western Sydney Wanderers have announced a one-year partnership with the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling to raise gambling awareness. As part of this agreement, they will not accept any sports betting sponsorships or promotional agreements, and they will work to educate their staff, players, and fans about the risks of gambling.

Natalie Wright, Director of the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling, stated that the ‘GambleAware’ partnership follows a similar partnership with Cricket NSW last year, which saw Sydney Big Bash League (BBL) games free of on-field betting advertisement. Her advice was to “attend a live sports event is a real ritual for many people in NSW,” and she expressed delight at different codes and teams showing their support for their fans by refusing gambling advertising or sponsorship.

The Wanderers are now one of many major organisations to partner with Cricket NSW, and we look forwards to future collaborations.

“We believe you should be able to enjoy sports without betting.”

“We’re collaborating with sports teams to make the game more competitive and engaging for everyone.”

“We are now focusing on what sport should truly be about: a fun, healthy way of developing life skills that can help you advance in any career path.”

The Wanderers have shown great leadership by being the first Australian club to join Reclaim The Game, a campaign to promote sport without gambling. Western Sydney Wanderers FC CEO John Tsatsimas stated that they are fortunate to have passionate fans and that this partnership with Bet365 aligns well with their goal of creating an atmosphere filled with love for football rather than just betting on it. He encourages clubs across Australia to launch similar initiatives because he believes there will be other ways for sports to generate revenue without relying on gambling.

The NSW Office of Responsible Gambling is excited to announce a new partnership with the Sydney Swans, one of Australia’s most adored sporting teams. The decision was made in order to provide assistance and raise awareness for those who are struggling with or recovering from gambling addiction.

“We know that gambling can cause serious harm,” spokesperson Anna McMullen said, “and we are very excited about this opportunity.” McMullen also stated that it will help raise awareness among fans about what constitutes responsible betting behaviour by promoting programmes such as ‘Gamble Aware,’ which provides information on problem gamblers as well as techniques to avoid becoming addicted themselves.

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