Wind River Hotel & Casino Gets a Makeover

Riverton, Wyoming’s local casino has decided to make a change. They are redesigning their logo and branding with the assistance of Northern Arapaho tribe members. The goal is for this new brand identity to better represent who they are as an establishment that gives back so much to its community through various initiatives such as education programmes or even food services where all profits go directly towards employees’ needs such as groceries, clothes, rent, and so on. All entries were submitted by members of tribes from across North America; when word of this opportunity spread, over 40 submissions flooded in!

Jason Oldman, the winner of a logo contest, was required to explain his design. “The sun is our Sundance lodge, and it represents all living Arapaho,” he explained to ABC News on Wednesday evening. The black on either side represents those who have died; it contrasts beautifully with the white background, which represents their Creator as well as the poles found inside traditional lodges or homes such as theirs. Mountains dominate much of Wyoming’s Wind River reservation, but they also represent this area for many tribes across the country, including ours! Water has played such an important role in Native American life that there would be no rivers to support us and give life where we live today if it did not exist.”

The new logo for the casino depicts an Indian Head, which represents the tribe in question. It stands to reason that a Native American-themed gambling establishment would have some sort of connection to its namesake tribal society!

Wind River Hotel and Casino will also keep their old slogan “Play Stay Win,” but will use the marketing campaign “New Look Better Luck” for the upcoming season.

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