Playing Baccarat online – guide for New Zealand players

Baccarat is a card game that’s supposed to be a complex one, which usually attracts high rollers in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Well, nowadays, baccarat is much quicker, and you don’t have to do the math: the computer counts your point and shows it to you.

You can play baccarat in every online casino available to you in New Zealand. If you are looking for a great casino online to play Baccarat, Spin Palace is a very good option.

In this guide, we are going to introduce you to this classic card game, which was James Bond’s favourite until Hollywood decided that he should play poker in the newer movies. Well, Mr. Bond may not play it anymore on the screen, but you can, and you are going to feel like a spy!

Origins of Baccarat

game of baccarat onlineThis game is not that old like other card games, or craps, or keno. The first documented appearance of baccarat was in the 19th century, and it was played in France. Though it has a longer history, the baccarat as we know it today has been around for only 150-200 years. It has gone through some changes, but its popularity is still great, and New Zealand players can play it for free and for real money in their favourite online casino. Online baccarat live dealer games are rare, you usually have to play against the RNG. And no, it’s not rigged.

Baccarat Online rules

  1. The game is played by two: the player and the dealer (the random number generator).
  2. The cards don’t count on their face value, there is a system to calculate points:
    • Numbered cards worth their face value
    • 10, and J, Q, K worth 0 points.
    • Aces are worth one point.
    • The hand points are calculated by summing the card values, but only the second digit of the value is considered as the point. e.g.: J+8+5= 0+8+5 = 13. This means you have only 3 points.
    • The hand with a total point closer to 9 wins.
  3. You can place your bets on the player’s win, the banker’s win, or on a tie.
    • Don’t waste your money on tie bets, a tie in baccarat is extremely rare.
  4. There are some rules to keep in mind when you have your cards dealt:
    • If you have only 0-5 points from your first two cards, you have to draw the third one.
    • If you have six or more points, you can stand.
    • You can have a natural 8 or 9 dealt, then you win if the banker doesn’t have a natural.

The baccarat pay-outs

In online – and in offline – baccarat, there are only three bets: player, banker, tie. If the player hand wins and you placed your bet on that, the pay-out is even, which means you get your bet back, with the same amount added to it. e.g.: you bet $10 on the player and you’ve won, you get $10+$10. If you placed your bet on the banker’s hand, and it win’s you get 0.95:1 rate, e.g.: you bet $10 and you win, you get back $10+$9.5. The tie bet pays the most, it’s usually an 8:1 ratio, e.g. you placed $10 on a tie bet, and it wins, you get $10+$80. However, you should keep in mind that the best bet is always the banker, you should base your strategy on ties.

The difference between real-life and Baccarat Online

The most significant difference between the two game types is the simplicity. While in a brick-and-mortar casino you have to know the rules (especially for the player hand), the online casinos don’t need you to know them. The computer calculates the points automatically, and it deals the cards in accordance with the rules. Baccarat is a quite steady game, and if you get the hang of it, you will win more times than you lose. The online baccarat is fast, you choose the size of your bet, place it, then start the game. It’s as easy as choosing the played lines and the bet size in a pokies game.

Baccarat versions

In most online casinos, the simple “Punto banco” baccarat is played, because it has the lowest house edges (1-1.24% on player or banker hands), while the tie bet house edge is the one of the highest, as it’s over 14%. In the recommended New Zealand-friendly online casinos, you will find mostly the normal version of online baccarat. However, there are progressive baccarat games, and several casinos offer high limit baccarat, in which the stakes increase with time.

Baccarat Online – FAQ: Is it legal for a New Zealand gambler to play baccarat online?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. You should choose one of the recommended online casinos we’ve already reviewed for you. This way you can avoid any illegal or scam operations.

How can I play baccarat online?

The rules are quite simple, and since the card handling is automatic, you just have to perform a few actions: decide the amount of money you want to bet, and place your bet on one of the three possible outcomes (player, banker, tie). During the game, you only have to pay attention to the numbers; and after two cards had been drawn, if it’s not eight or nine, you have to decide if you stand or go on.

Are online baccarat games rigged?

No, they are absolutely not rigged. To ensure that you have fair chances, you should pick any of the reviewed and recommended online casinos.

Can I play baccarat for real money?

Yes. Actually, if you are familiar with the game and played a few times for free, you should start playing for real money. Your winnings always depend on how much wagered, and on which bet you chose.


Though it’s used to be a kind of mystified game, online baccarat has a quite large gamer base. You are going to find out quite soon that this game is exciting and fun, and that there is no point in skipping it. You should learn to play baccarat, and the top-notch casinos we recommend to you are exactly where you can do so!

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