Downloadable casinos for New Zealand players – The Guide

There are many ways to access casino games. You can play them in your browser, download the casino suite or just grab your smartphone and launch the app or the browser. However, none of the different options offer so many games and features like the download casinos. The software takes up some place, but there are no significant disadvantages of choosing this kind of software.

New Zealand casinos such as Jackpot City, Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune and many other popular ones offer the downloadable games.

Every casino suite is easy to install, they are free from viruses, and since you are going to use them from behind your own security line (firewall, antivirus) you get extra protection. (These downloadable clients are secure on their own).

What are the major advantages of download casinos?

slot machine screenWell, there are many answers to this, because – fortunately – the software you can download has many goodies for you. We are looking for the following criteria to be met by the casino, and the software it has:

  1. Regulation: we advise you to download only casino suites which are coming from regulated and legit casinos and software providers.
  2. Quality: the top casino game makers (Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt) have fair games, with great graphics and good game play. We strongly recommend to check our list of the best casino game providers.
  3. Popularity: millions of players can’t be wrong, right? When you are looking for download casinos, you should check out other people’s reviews too.
  4. Safety: when you download the installer, you probably won’t get any notifications from your antivirus software, and as you use it, you will notice: it communicates only with the casino, no other (incoming) connections get stopped by your firewall.
  5. Features: a good downloadable casino has all the options you need to feel comfortable, such as banking, large game variety and free play mode.

This is all good and fair, right? Now, let’s talk a bit about the disadvantages…

There aren’t many issues with download casinos. What many people could mention against this kind of software is that it takes up too much space. This is true for some casinos, but nowadays, when we have at least 500 GB hard drive in our machines, 3-4 Gigabytes are a small price for the comfort of playing more games without having to depend on the browser and its plugins.

Another issue of download casinos is the compatibility: about 99% of the reviewed NZ casinos have only Windows-compatible downloadable software.

Those who use Linux or MacOS have to either rely on the browser casino, or they have to us an emulator to run the Windows software. This latest method isn’t too complicated nowadays, so those who are not Windows-fans are not exactly excluded from enjoying the largest possible number of games.

The differences between the different casino types

The download casinos are the best way to play at any online casino. This is perfectly undeniable. When you download a casino software you get all the games the casino can offer: in a Microgaming casino, you can choose from about 600-700 different game variants. You can take advantage features like a quick deposit. In difference with the Flash and the mobile versions of the casinos, you can also access all live games, and they work just perfectly. These are all good and nice, however, a Flash casino has less goodies: in your browser, you can access about 2/3 of the actual games the casino can provide you with, and these games are simplified for better game play and faster download. (If you download a game to your computer via the suite, you don’t have to do it again). The mobile games are evolving too, but they still offer much fewer games: in an app, or a mobile browser casino, you can only access about a hundred games, and most of them are pokies.

Step-by-Step guide to Download Casinos

In order to install the casino software on you PC, you should first check our reviews of the hottest NZ casinos. When you have found one that suits you (e.g. has the banking options you need, has the games you seek, etc.), you just have to find the download link. In most cases, it’s flashing in the corner of every page, but you can always find a link to it at the bottom of the pages. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the link to download the casino suite. You should download the installer from the casino because this is the only way you can be sure that you are downloading a free, virus-free and secure software.
  2. We believe you know how to download a program in your browser: click on the link, choose download and download the installer.
  3. Located the downloaded installer. You can find it in your Downloads folder (if you haven’t set up another download folder for your browser). The easiest way to find it is to open the browser’s downloads tab and click on the “folder” icon next to installer.
  4. You will get a warning, click on Continue in order to start the installer.
  5. The install process is simple: click on next when needed, read the EULA and the User Agreement. If you get a notification from the firewall, let the installer connect to the Internet. It has to download the necessary elements.
    • You will have to log in if you have an account.
    • Or you have a register, which is an easy and fast process.
  6. Once you are inside, you can see everything you might need: banking options, games, promotions, loyalty club details. The games will have to download, but that takes only a minute and you don’t have to do it again.
  7. Make your first deposits, claim your bonuses, and enjoy the great games!


Nowadays, the Windows is the most commonly used operating system, even in New Zealand. If you have a machine with Windows XP or better, then you are in a lucky position, because you can play the games of the casinos you choose. These download casinos have all the games the software provider can offer, and they also have all the features you need to have a comfortable and fast casino-gaming experience. If you are interested in download casinos, just check the reviews of the top NZ casinos, pick one, download, and enjoy the bonuses!

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