Online Casino Tournaments for New Zealanders

The online gambling industry is quite large, and it’s going pretty well. Probably that’s one of the reasons why many casinos host regular tournaments online, which can grant you some extra cash if you win. We have gathered here all the most important information about the online casino tournaments, so you could get an idea about what to expect and what you can play. Tournaments are available at almost every casino, but lucky for you, we have done the research for you, so you don’t need to spend time with searching for the best offers.

Since online casinos exist, the tournaments have become one of the most-featured events of them, and millions of players participate in them daily. Back in the days when players had to go to an actual casino, tournaments were more series, and they had to be prepared properly. Nowadays, though, the casinos just need to set up the game and promote the event. You will find yourself overwhelmed with tournaments by the end of the day, each day you play.

Casino Tournament Types

roulette tableBasically, there are two major types of tournaments: freerolls and buy-ins. The difference is quite ordinary: one costs you money, the other doesn’t. The freerolls are free; you just need to join in time and play the game. When the event is over, the top places on the leader board receive their prize (goes to real money balance). These tournaments are free, so the prizes are quite low, they are usually in the $5-$100 range. However, the real thrill gets to you when you start the buy-in tournaments. You have to pay a fee, but the prizes are much higher, some tournaments offer up to $500 (and are held daily), while other, longer tournaments (they go on for weeks or even months) will yield tens of thousands of dollars.

The top online casinos (Ruby Fortune, Jackpot City NZ, Spin Palace, etc) for New Zealand players have both types of tournaments, though it’s also subject to change which games are featured. In case you are interested in having a chance to win money, you should take a look at the tournaments available at the list of Kiwi casinos that we compiled.

Games Featured in Tournaments

In most cases, the tournaments in the online casinos feature pokies. These games are fast-paced and fun and offer some exciting action. In many Microgaming casino, you can participate in weekly, monthly and in many cases, daily tournaments. The daily pokies tournaments are usually only a few minutes long (or they take up to an hour), and among these, you can find many freerolls. A pokies tournament looks like this:

  • You join the tournament and you get to play a game you know, though the interface will be different.
  • You have limited time, but unlimited spins. This means you have to maximize the number of spins you make in that time.
  • You don’t get to keep the winnings made with the spins. The credits will be added to your “winbox”. The points in your winbox will decide your place one the leader board.
  • When the time expires, or the given spins are gone, you have to wait until the tournament ends and see the results then.
  • There are tournaments where you can buy extra spins or extra time, using your real money balance. If you are at a good place on the leader board, you might use this pay-to-continue option. Otherwise, we are strongly against it, especially in a freeroll tournament: you might end up paying more than what you can win.

Pokies Tournaments

The pokies tournaments are the most general type of online casino tournaments. These are regularly held, and it’s not hard to find a freeroll to enter and try your luck.

Blackjack Tournaments

However, there are other online casino games which are also featured in tournaments. One of such games is the blackjack. The blackjack tournaments are usually buy-in tourneys and these yield quite handsome prizes. We are not connected with Microgaming. But we have to say: casinos running on its software, usually have blackjack tournaments online. There are casinos which are part of a blackjack league and these have great tourneys. 

The most reputable online casinos grant the players a quite significant number of tournaments: daily, weekly and monthly blackjack tournaments are available for the eager players. The basic rule of the blackjack tournament is to win and keep the most credit chips (money), this can be done if you know the rules properly, and if you have a sound strategy. 

The winner usually takes a larger amount of money. In a few tournaments, the prize pool grows with every bet, however, the most regular version is when the pool is fixed, and the winner takes it all.

Poker And Bingo Tournaments

In online casinos, these two types of tournaments are not held. If you wish to participate in a poker tournament, or in a bingo event, you have to join a poker room site or a bingo room. One of the recommended NZ casinos has both: the Betway casino has its own poker section, bingo page, and even sports betting!

Sit-And-Go or Else?

The daily freeroll pokies tournaments usually go on for a time period, and anyone can join after they launch. However, the sit and go tournaments are different: you have to wait until the necessary number of players have gathered, and only then could the tournament begin. For New Zealand players, there are dozens of online tournaments to participate in, and many of them are held every day!


When it comes to gambling, winning money is the main goal. The freeroll tournaments offer you the chance to actually win real money for free: you just have to enter the tournaments and spin as much as you can. Pokies and blackjack are the most featured games in online casino tournaments, and though it’s not easy to win in a free roll (the professional hardcore spinners have their mind and mouse set for these games), you could have a chance. Be clever, and may Lady Luck be on your side!

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