Gambling Guide for New Zealand – Have a Safe and Fun Gambling Experience with NZ Casinos

This guide is an overview of the things you have to know in order to play online casino games without losing too much or getting addicted to gambling. Safe and responsible gambling is the key to have a fun time at the casinos and to enjoy the time spent playing even if you lose. We are quite certain that this guide will be helpful to you if you are new to gambling, but even a seasoned New Zealander gambler might find some interesting solutions and methods which could be helpful in realising how they actually stand with gambling.

Legal matters

We are casino reviewers, and we are not an authority. This is important to note because here we can only give you advice and tips. Online gambling is a strictly regulated area, and every country has its own rules regarding online casinos. As a player from New Zealand, you don’t break the law by playing at an online casino as long as it’s not operating from New Zealand. Most casinos we have on our recommended to New Zealanders list are international online gambling establishment, and they are either licensed at Malta, the UK, or Gibraltar. Since we are in the legal matters, we should take a look at the matter of taxation. As a New Zealand gambler, you are in a lucky position, because you don’t have to worry about taxing: what you win is what you get to keep, and you don’t even have to report it to the tax office. However, keep in mind that rules and laws change, so if you win a bigger amount, and you want to keep it clean, you should ask your local tax officers for the actual state of online casino winnings taxes.

Gamble as a responsible person

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We are certain that you have heard and read it many times: you have to be responsible when you play at a casino, and you should also have to try as hard as you can to keep the control over your money… and over yourself! Many players blame the casinos, and it’s quite common to say “it’s their fault, the games are rigged, that’s why I lost everything”. Well, that’s not covering the truth. The truth is, gambling can turn into an addiction, and addicted players lose their control, that’s why they surpass all their limits. Of course, the casino makes a profit if you make a lot of deposits, but consider this: one man losing everything will stop playing eventually, while a man who can control himself (or a woman who can control herself) will stay at the casino for the long run. Long-term income is important for every company, that’s why casinos are all so dedicated to help their players play responsibly, and keep the hooked for the long run. And how do the casinos help a player to keep the control? There are three major tools which the players can use:

  • Deposit limit: every industry leading online casino has a feature the players can use to set up a deposit limit. If you know that you have the tendency for developing addictions, you should… no, you MUST set up a deposit limit. Maybe you won’t ever hit it, but safety comes first.
  • Self-Exclusion: the most powerful tool. If it’s not too late, you can take a break from an online casino, without risking your money and your nerves. Usually, the player-indicated self-exclusion lasts for at least 24 hours, but you can have a longer break too.
  • Exclusion: the NZD online casinos monitor your gaming, and if it looks suspicious, they might exclude you for your own safety. If this happens, you should really look for help, because this means, you really have a problem.

Forget about breaking the bank

Never get into gambling thinking that you are going to “break it”. You might get lucky sometimes, you might hit a jackpot, but never let your imagination and hopes overrule common sense. The house always has an advantage, and even if a game offer 95% return to player ratio, you will still lose at least 5%. So, don’t go for the big jackpots and stretch your bankroll. Play what you like, and play with money you can afford to wager (and lose in worst case scenario).


casino bonus $777 freeOnline casino bonuses are always welcome, and they are usually available for New Zealand gamblers. You can use NZD to make your payments, and you mostly get the bonuses in that too. We love bonuses, though you have to be careful with them: most casinos have high wagering requirements. To unlock a bonus’s amount, you have to wager it 30-40 times; here is an example: you get $10 bonus with a 40x requirement, in order to turn it into “real money”, you have to play casino games for $400. Sometimes, people play recklessly to unlock the free money, and they don’t keep track of the money they lost in the process. Don’t be like that, never chase the bonuses. Enjoy them while they last, and hope that you get lucky, and play enough to unlock it. Every casino has a page where you can track your bonus play-through progress.

Keep track of your win/lose ratio

Though with pokies it’s quite hard to actually keep track of what you win and lose, you should try. This way, you can see when you are in profit, and when you have a losing streak. If you do this, you take a step towards long-time success, while you can still stay and play for fun.

The X percent rule

There are many gambling guides out there, and we would like to share one of the most basic – yet very helpful and working – solution to keep the control. Decide what percentage of your overall bankroll you are going to risk in a gambling session. Let’s say, it’s 10% and you have $100. This means, that if you sit down to your computer and start playing, you say yourself: “I will quit playing today if I win or lose $10”. You can also say that you are willing to risk 10% of your winning in the current section to make more or realise some losses. You might even say that you bet only 2% of your bankroll on a spin, and if we follow this example, you play $2 per spin. If you set the coin value to 0.01 per line, and you play 20 pay-lines pokies, you have good chances of winning.


The top online casinos offer NZ players several payment options. From the most usual credit or debit cards to direct bank transfer and e-wallets, you can find everything you like. To ensure fast withdrawals and instant deposits, we suggest you to choose a web-wallet. However, check the promotion terms and conditions, because, at some casinos, deposits made with payment processors like Neteller are not eligible for the new players’ bonuses. Also, always use your real info, so you won’t have problems with withdrawing or depositing at a casino.


Online casinos for New Zealand players are many, and though they offer fun games and great promotions, one can’t be careful enough. They won’t try to scam you, but you might develop a gambling addiction, which means you are going to lose more than just a few hundred NZD. We hope you are responsible enough, and if you are, you should go on and check our casino reviews to find the best online casinos which accept NZD and players

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