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  • Sometimes the exotic is the perfect answer for imminent fun, and with Magic of Sahara, that looks almost perfect. This is a slot game that has little rewarding graphics at the beginning, but when time goes by invades a feeling of wonder that few games are able to provide the player either because of the characters that are very well drawn, or in the background of desert with small oases that can be seen in the distance.
    Without a doubt, you are in the presence of an option that is really worth appreciating.

More About Magic of Sahara

Familiar and fun

This slot machine has 5×3 reels that carry 9 pay lines, plus wild cards that are stacked or scattered, and even free spins that come with 2x multipliers in each of the wins.

Through the games, it is possible to find symbols such as the wild card stacked in reels of 3 or 4, which will help a lot in the desert trip to which the player will be involved.

For the player, the main objective always has to be to open a secret entrance in one of the free spins stores, which represents a rewarding experience when it is achieved.

Bonus games

As the game progresses, it is possible to collect some magic keys that are configured in symbols of a lower payment. These keys when they reach 25 can open a round of free spins, where it is possible to win up to 30 of these spins. But that’s not all since these spins can also be activated plus the capture of 3 different dispersers, which would give rise to the total amount of the keys that have been collected with 5 extra spins.

All this gives rise to a very interesting and little-used dynamic because you want to see the dispersions, but not thanks to the need to obtain the necessary keys. All this is because once you have the free spins it is possible to get the 2x multiplier in the wins that come out and also in the stacking of each reel.

For this reason, Magic of Sahara is so appreciated by many, it is an option that is not as simple as some would like but it is not as complex as other games available.

Extra functions

Every good slot game has extra functions that not only make a difference between the other games but also makes it, in one way or another, chosen and in some way preferred among users; determining factor for both players and suppliers of the game.

Magic of Sahara complies with these aspects, which are demonstrated below from the recount of the fascinating options it offers.

Wild: This is the logo of the slot in Magic of Sahara, but in addition to that it is a fairly useful wild card since it can be replaced with any of the other symbols in order to form a payment line, the exception to this rule is the dispersion but still it is quite convenient.

When the joker is playing, it will appear stacked on reels like 3 and 4, and during free spins, it is possible to find them on all reels in an almost wild way.

Free spins and dispersion: The symbols of the bowl of coins and gems are the dispersion, and these will be paid regardless of where they are located, it is not even necessary to be available on any of the payment lines.

An interesting aspect is that if 3 or even more catchers are obtained, it is possible to activate a number of free spins on the magic tokens that were collected plus 5 extra spins that can bring much more fun. The amazing thing is that each of these free spins comes with the multiplier of up to 2x, crazy!

The free spins tokens: In the game, you can visualize in a very simple way the existence of chips that are randomly linked to symbols of a lower payment. With these magic tokens, it is possible to get a free spin every time one is collected.

In addition to this, it is possible to manually activate the bonuses in the Magic of Sahara when 3 dispersed ones are obtained or even when 25 magic tokens are collected, The incredible thing is that when you go for the last option there are 30 spins that are received plus one 2x extra multiplier.


The Magic of Sahara is a slot game that although it has nothing revolutionary in form or appearance, it does have a charm that not few would appreciate, and it is a fresh proposal that does not try to be intelligent giving attractive opportunities that in Reality are hard to come by. Here everything is more dynamic and even simpler, which gives rise to real fun thanks to the simplicity of the proposal.

The graphics and the environment itself is another thing that Magic of Sahara loves, and although it has quite flat shapes compared to other options, it does have quality in the drawings it offers, giving a visual beauty that appreciates as time goes by, in addition to the fact that music envelops and ends up transporting the player to a completely new world, where the sand and oases can be seen home step.

Mystic Island

Little is thought about this mystic island. The extremely dark blue ocean crashes against high rocks, while the sensational dusks set over the drop-offs. In any case, it is the fascination of locating the unbelievable Golden Jaguar that pulls in treasure seekers here.

Look for The Jaguar

While a definitive prize relies upon your finding the Golden Jaguar, there are bunches of different prizes to find, that will keep your bank balance increasing until you do so. Prizes begin with locating an assortment of mystic (strange) number and letter images that are spread by scattering over the island, and discovering 3 to 5 of them pays around 5 to 125 coins. Prizes increment as you begin to search for the ceremonial book and ceremonial jug, and this compensation is up to 200 coins. You can equally discover two unique totems in which the two pay up to 250 coins while meeting the island’s boss or his better half will win you about 500 coins.

The incentive image of the game shows up on reels one, three and five, and when it shows up on every one of the three reels all the while it will activate the Free Spins Bonus of seven free spins. Now, the game will likewise grant you an irregular prize multiplier of about 2 times and 8 times. Free spins might be reactivated amid the underlying free spins if more incentive images show up, and there is a most extreme of 98 free spins for every reward granted.

The Wild Golden Jaguar image works in two capacities.
  • It has the ability to grant moment wins of up to 750 coins when numerous images adjust on a paid line
  • It additionally has the ability to replace all normal game images to make winning paytable prizes. A definitive prize is the point at which every one of the reels load with the Golden Jaguar.
Golden Bets

Amaya has extremely developed this game on account of all slot players and everybody ought to have the capacity to discover a bet to suit their own tastes. Play one to fifty lines on each spin and at that point give your lines 1 of 10 qualities that range between 0.01 and 2 coins. This permits a base wager of 0.01 coins a spin, and a most extreme wager of 100 coins a turn.

Just Perfect

One of the numerous themed online games that are sponsored up by intriguing and ample prizes, coupled with some fascinating and moneymaking incentive games is Golden Jaguar, which is simply perfect!  By delving into the dark jungles of South America in the Golden Jaguar, you will see that it is a riveting that captivated the gamblers with a lavish theme and liberal features. If you prefer going for real cash, just sign up at the various casino lists of Amaya and enter into the South America jungles.

Prior to the commencement of the game just set up your mode of the bet. Make use of the up and down arrows which is beside the Bet so as to alter the amount you want to bet on every dynamic line. Make sure that you do the same thing in the lines panel so as to align the number of the lines triggered.

Hit the spin button to start or make use of the Bet Max button to gamble with the whole fifty lines active. Apply the Automatic Play panel so as to spin many times continuously in a row. This Golden jaguar game provides the gamblers with a vibrant color program and interesting payline. Look for 3 scattered Bonus images to trigger the tribal Bonus in which the players can locate the true and huge fortunes. There are many treasures you need to locate in this jungle.

Jaguar Goes Wild

The concept of this game is adorable, in the sense that the olden monuments coupled with the transparent sea set up an engaging environment. This then motivates the need to play and not just only this online slot alone but other free video game that has bonus rounds. More so, the access to this game is the Golden Jaguar. This represents the power of the spirit and strength since it is wild. The symbol is here to substitute every other image on the reels so that you can make more winnings. Also, there are numerous symbols that are related to the tradition of the olden day’s civilizations. They will let you win almost 500 coins when you manage showing your boldness and strength.

Hit 7 Lucky Free Spins

The people of Maya and Aztecs will show their respect to all their visitors and give interactive features to them. You will be given an uncommon chance to play the bonus free spins, activated by three or more classic bonus images on the first, third and fifth reels. This kind of online casino game offers you seven free spins to play in an auto manner and get more lovely awards. Each one of them has random multipliers that could fetch you up to eight times.

In conclusion, these tribes are very liberal to offer the top jackpot award when you are so fortunate to gather five Golden jaguars on the reels. Therefore, that call for digging treasures with the Golden Jaguar game or shift your aim to any others Amaya best online game and receive your expected wins.