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In case you plan to get yourself into the online casino world, and you have plans to make money from it, you will have to invest some real money. It’s always up to you to decide how much you can afford, and how much you could afford to lose. 

Our “getting started guide” for online casino banking is going to give you an overview of banking options and how to do a deposit and withdraw. There are usually dozens of online casino banking options to choose from such as Skrill, and some are instant banking methods, while others may take a few days to be processed. Both for withdrawals and for deposit.

Play Safely


Paying to play for real money requires some thoughtful thinking, and since gambling can easily become an addiction, you have to set up your own limits to avoid later issues. Responsible gambling is of outmost importance, so follow these steps to play safely, yet profitably:

  • Set up a limit: sit down, calculate and decide how much you can afford to deposit in a month (or in two weeks, or per week). You are not a weather-man, so don’t forecast the winnings and calculate with what you actually have!
  • Always measure your options: never deposit too much, only what you can afford.
  • Don’t go mad for bonuses: if you see deposit bonuses at an online casino, always do that math and find out how much is optimal for you to get the most out of your deposit.
  • Don’t chase the money you lose: a series of bad luck may make you mad. First, don’t get emotional about it. Second, if you feel it’s pissing you off, log out, go away and cool your head.
  • Set up another barrier: decide when you stop for both winnings and losses. e.g.: “I stop playing today if I won or lose $20.”

The best online casino banking options are all listed in the proper menu at each casino. It’s highly recommended to thoroughly read through the descriptions, FAQs, and other informational content. Now, let’s see how you can make a deposit, and how you can get your winnings. 

Keep in mind that all the casinos that we listed in our NZ Casino Guide accept the payment options that you’ll learn about here.

Making a Deposit

Every online casino we test and review have several deposit methods, such as Ukash,. Some are regular, some are unusual, but basically, they all work.

Regular online casino deposit options

These include all the physical deposit methods. At most online casinos, you can deposit using your MasterCard or Visa credit card (in some cases your debit card too). 

This is truly fast and safe method: you just have to pick it from the list, enter the amount you want to deposit and make the purchase by entering the usual card information, such as the name on the card, type, expiry time, and the numbers. Credit card deposits are usually instant, but sometimes it might take 1-2 hours for the money to appear on your balance.

Another online casino deposit option is a normal bank transfer. From Canada to international casinos it may take up to a few days to process, and you might have to calculate with extra fees. Nowadays, there are, however, some instant bank transfer options too. If you choose this method, make sure to read the guide at the casino you are playing at.

Electronic online casino deposit options

The e-wallets are very popular nowadays. When it comes to online casinos, not every e-wallet is supported, but the most popular ones are. For example, you can use SkrillNeteller, and a few others to make a deposit. Casino players like these methods because there is no need to enter credit card information or other banking details, and payments made this way are usually instant. 

And if something goes wrong, they can contact the payment processor and the casino too, so two bodies are there to help! Depending on your location and on the casino, it might be possible to deposit with Paypal too, but don’t get your hopes too high about it.

Miscellaneous deposit methods for online casinos

Apart from the regular e-wallets, you can use other methods to make a deposit at an online casino. Some of the casinos accept pre-paid solutions such as Paysafecard, which you can use as an anonymous method. You buy it at a physical location, and you enter the card’s number at the casino. There are several other methods like this, make sure to check it. Many people ask whether it’s possible to make a payment by phone call, thus making a deposit by phone bill. As far as we experienced, there isn’t such option at most of the casinos.

The goodies: bonuses for making a deposit

One of the most important benefits of making a deposit at an online casino is that players can receive several bonuses. There is an online casino deposit bonus added as extra money (gaming credits) and in some cases, with a payment, you can also get free spins. When you make a payment, you can see what extras you may expect. Also, you can always choose not to live with the opportunity and don’t claim any bonuses.

How to deposit – step by step:

  • Join any of the casinos we recommend as they are safe to use.
  • Play some games in free-play to get familiar with them.
  • Find the menu called “Banking”, “Wallet” or something similar.
  • Select the “deposit” option.
  • Select your preferred payment solution.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit, along with all requested info.
  • Perform the transaction, wait for the money to appear on your balance and play!

Withdrawing your winnings from an online casino

The online casinos you can find on this site all offer several withdrawal methods. Some of these will let you even withdraw to the credit card you used. Also, you can transfer your casino funds directly to your bank account, though that may take a few days.

Two-way banking options

Basically, you should stick with the e-wallets because they are usually accepted for deposit and for easy withdrawal. Casinos always have a rule: you may get your money out if you put some money in, and to ensure your safety, they will ask you to use the same method for both. 

Why e-wallets are the best for online casino withdrawal? Because this kind of payment solution takes only max 48 hours to be processed, while others, like a credit card or bank transfer, may take up to 8-10 business days. 

From an online payment processor, you can either deposit again or withdraw to your bank account. Withdrawal times are different for each casino, so make sure to thoroughly check them. Basic rule: payment processing happens only during business days, so don’t expect the money you withdraw on Friday to be on your account on Monday! 

There are several withdrawal options, and in case you are patient and you don’t like electronic methods, you can even request a check from the casino.

First withdrawal

When you first try to withdraw your winnings, in 99% of the casinos you will be asked to provide documents to prove your identity and address. 

For this, the customer service or the player safety department will ask you to send in: a government-issued photo identification document (e.g. drivers’ license, passport or ID card); a copy of a utility bill with your address on it. In case you used credit cards, you have to send a copy of both sides. 

For further instructions, you should check the casinos’ site or contact their support. With withdrawal problems, always seek help from the casino first.

Bonus withdrawal options?

If you claimed a bonus, you should know that you can’t withdraw it, or the winnings made from it until you meet the casino’s bonus wagering requirement. In case you don’t want to wait and play to meet this number, you should get in touch with the customer service as soon as you made a deposit, and ask them to remove the bonuses.

How to withdraw from an online casino – step by step guide:

  • Deposit and win money!
  • Go the “Wallet”, “Banking” or similarly named menu in the casino.
  • Select “Withdraw”.
  • Pick one from the available withdrawal options.
  • Enter the amount and the required information.
  • Send in the required documents when they ask you.


Canadian players will be able to make deposits and withdraw their money in Canadian Dollar, so there is no need to calculate with conversion fees. In case you made your deposit in US dollars, you might see some difference in the paid and received amounts. When you can, select your native currency.


Online casinos are fun to play at, and if you are playing for real money, you can experience the very real thrill these websites offer.

Use the guides and strategies you can find online to make sure you have some advantage and you are in control of your winnings and losses. If you have any question, check our FAQ, or contact the casinos’ support.

Banking Options

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