Neosurf: the New Payment Option for Online Casinos

From the moment the first online casinos appeared, the payment methods were established without flinching. Naturally, credit and debit cards, which were already popular in a lot of transactions, jumped into virtuality and continued their rise. However, this happens from a date when electronic money transfers were not exactly safe. Scams and shady deals were the order of the day, and the casinos, random and with a certain stigma, soon won the distrust of the users. Faced with this problem, the new entertainment websites had to devise them so that all online gamblers would ensure the legality of the games they had selected.

Licenses, transaction records, and new payment strategies were added accordingly. The first great revolution came from the hand of Paypal, the most used electronic wallet today. Players noted that they preferred to join one of these accounts and not provide their credit card information directly. Everything was smooth sailing; therefore, more alternatives were added for deposits and withdrawal of funds. This is how Neosurf sees the light. And although at this point it is considered as an alternative tool for many, little by little it gains strength in the online casino business.

Basic dataneosurf payment method

The first thing to know about Neosurf is that it is a prepaid solution introduced since 2004. Originally from France, this tool includes customers in more than 50 countries, highlighting those with the boom in the game: Portugal, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Spain, and China. Thanks to this coverage, online gambling websites decided to attach their payment methods to Neosurf. Currently, among the greats, NetBet and PokerStars stand out for this permission.

How does the use of Neosurf benefit the casinos?

The advantages associated with this payment method are directed, above all, towards the players. It emphasizes the anonymity and economy when making the transfers, as well as being easy to use. Neosurf is a great prepayment option in casinos for those people who, for reservations, do not want to share their bank details or are too young to have any registration and information to provide.

On the other hand, it includes within its benefits the additional amounts that are charged when making deposits and transfers online, saving the possible and accelerating payments in the process. Some users, to refer to Neosurf, compare it with a prepaid coupon, almost equal to the phone cards that are introduced to recharge the balance in the mobiles. The reason, of course, is that they work in a fairly similar way.

This pass or coupon is also characterized by its availability. In stores, cybercafés, and kiosks, it is possible to request them according to the balance that you wish to recharge.

How to know where to get Neosurf?

The first step to acquire a Neosurf coupon is to visit the official website. Once there, and through the locator, it is possible to get to the different retailers that trade with this method. According to the popularity of the region, these distributors increase or decrease their presence.

To avoid confusion, the website has zoned the zones and distributed to retailers according to countries, regions, cities, and counties. Recently, the possibility of entering the complete address was included, so that the GPS throws the closest possible options.

In countries whose laws do not allow the purchase and sale in kiosks or branches, such as Bulgaria, the alternatives remain on the web, through an online application that brings together all distributors associated with Neosurf. The shipment happens through different channels: text messages, calls or emails. Everything depends on the availability of the client.

How to use them in online casinos?

The first action is to complete the myNeosurf registry. From there, they will be able to provide data and make an exhaustive follow-up of their gaming expenses. This tool works similar to an electronic wallet that is either reloaded with coupons or with a credit card -Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro-. Transfers, although less popular, are also admitted.

With regard to this last method, customers who decide to transfer must wait a period of 48 hours before being able to access their credit. In that sense, it is not recommended for occasional users, those who prefer to access their funds with immediacy. Processing with Neosurf, on the other hand, is as easy as it could be painted. In casinos, four steps are answered.

First: make sure that the selected casino includes within its Neosurf payment methods. If this is the case, just register and log in to the casino account and go to the banking area.

Second: To select Neosurf, some rooms use a selection window or some clearly visible tab. Most of the rooms, specifically, only place the Neosurf logo, making the work of the clients even easier.

Third: Once it is found and selects the method, it only remains to deposit. To do so, the casino website redirects to the official Neosurf website. From there, you must assign the ten-digit code of the coupon, printed on the back of the card and covered by a “scratch and win” type bar.

Fourth: Once the code is entered, the money is credited immediately. In the case of having a prepaid card, with higher amounts, you can deposit the amount that the client wants and the rest of the balance is saved for future transactions. Fast and easy, everything the casino fans want.

Verveinc Gaming published a Guide to Online Casinos and in the New Zealand section you will find many casinos that our team shortlisted and where you can deposit and withdraw using Neosurf.

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