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Gamblers of New Zealand are in a quite lucky position. They can make deposits and also withdraw their money from casinos like Jackpot City, Spin Palace etc., using several payment solutions. Paysafecard is featured at almost every casino, and though it’s only a deposit method, it’s quite popular. New players are probably familiar with the Paysafecard, while those who have been around for a longer time may recall the former Ukash as a similar option. Well, it’s not a surprise, because Ukash has been bought and implemented into the Paysafecard system back in 2013. Nowadays, the Paysafecard is the number one prepaid solution for paying online, especially in casinos.

Paysafecard – How it works

paysafecard-paymentThis payment solution is anonymous and is only good for making deposits. As a gambler from New Zealand, you can find stores where you could buy a Paysafecard PIN in almost every city and town. Here is how you can use your Paysafecard:

  • You walk into a shop (you can find a map for all New Zealand Paysafecard sales outlets) and purchase a Paysafecard PIN. In most cases, you pay with cash for it, so it’s anonymous.
  • You go home with your new Paysafecard PIN. Take care of it like it was real money, and don’t lose it.
  • You login into your casino account and go to the Banking menu. (Check the promotions for extra money match or free spins)
  • Select Deposit and pick the Paysafecard from the list.
  • Enter the Paysafecard PIN and the amount you wish to pay. (In many casinos, you don’t have to use all money on the given PIN – you can deposit only $20 from a $100 PIN).
  • After a few seconds, you can enjoy your boosted bankroll. And what’s the best? You didn’t have to enter any personal detail or banking info!

Paying with Paysafecard requires you to go to a physical location, but apart from that, it’s not an uncomfortable solution at all. You can pay in seconds, and if you want, you may also register at the official site and see how much your PINs worth.

Other uses for Paysafecard

This payment solution is quite popular nowadays, and several online stores accept it. When it comes to playing in an online casino, you might consider the withdrawal options too. This is when Paysafecard turns out to be not that great: it’s a deposit option only, so you can’t get PINs for your casino balance. We usually advise New Zealand players to create a Neteller account. It’s a safe online payment processor, and it’s free to use. However, the reason we suggest you to have a Neteller account for your casino payments is that it can be loaded with Paysafecard. So, here is how you can use Paysafecard and still have a withdrawal method:

  • Buy a Paysafecard PIN anywhere in New Zealand
  • Register a Neteller account. Use real information, and validate your account.
  • Use the Paysafecard PIN to deposit chosen amount. (e.g. Buy $50 and deposit $20 on Neteller, the rest can do directly to the casino).
  • When you have money on your Neteller balance, deposit it in the casino. (Go to the deposit options, select Neteller, and pay. $10 is enough).
  • This way, you can deposit with Paysafecard, and use Neteller as a withdrawal option! Also, it’s fast, as Neteller withdrawals take only a few days!

Paysafecard and the casino bonuses

The Paysafecard PIN is accepted by the casino, that much is true. However, you may be wondering whether you could get bonuses from it, or not. Well, the answer is yes, but there is a tiny catch. When you deposit with Paysafecard, you can opt in for bonuses. At most of the online casinos, this includes the welcome bonus too. The process above is simple, and it’s easy to perform, but there is a limitation to it: you can buy Paysafecard PINS in different values, up to a maximum $100. Most casinos take one PIN as one deposit, so you can deposit $100 in one transaction, which limits the bonuses you receive. Nevertheless, with 100% match bonuses, it’s still pretty good. In case you want to maximize the bonus money you receive, you can load your Neteller account with Paysafecard PINs, and deposit as much as needed. See? There is always a solution!


What sites accept Paysafecard?

There are many websites accepting this payment method. Aside from the quite evident online casinos (as this article was about those), you can use Paysafecard PINs to pay at gaming services (e.g. Steam), online dating sites, and several server hosts accept it too!

Who sells Paysafecard?

A quite long list of Paysafecard outlets is available on the official Paysafecard site. If we were in your place, we would take a look at the map to find the closest locations. Almost every town have at least one retailer for Paysafecard, so it won’t be too hard to find a place to get your PINs.

Is Paysafecard safe?

Yes, using Paysafecard is just as safe as using cash. You have to keep the PIN and watch out for it like it was real money. When you use up, you can throw it away, but never ever give it away if you haven’t used up all the money from it.

How much a Paysafecard PIN worth?

That depends on your choice. The increments you can bay Paysafecard PINs in start from $10, and go up to $100 per pin. Between the two, you can find $25 and $50 as amounts.

Are there fees for paying with Paysafecard at a casino?

No, the casinos won’t charge you for it, so a $10 PIN is going to appear as $10 in your balance. We have one note, though: loading your Neteller with Paysafecard PINs involves a fee, usually about 2% per PIN.

Bottom Line on Paysafecard

We like Paysafecard, that’s the conclusion. It’s easy to get, the player doesn’t have to worry about giving out any information. Also, it’s an instant deposit option, so you can play as soon as you finish the transaction, which means a few seconds only. You will have to find a withdrawal option, but we believe that won’t be much of an issue. Check our guides for the different payment solutions!


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