2 Million Dollar BC Slots Review

The 2 Million B.C slot is such a unique game that effectively covers the historical Stone Age in a beautiful way. There are many attractive rewards and features with incentives that smartly unlock all through the gaming period.

Despite the fact that 2 Million B.C is not regarded as one of the top slot games, yet it is known to be loaded with excitements tempting enough to try your luck. What a great option of the game for the players who are interested in gambling. Sincerely, the 2 Million B.C slot is much more user-friendly than any other games that have jackpot rewards and complex symbols of bonuses.

2 Million Dollar BC Slots Review
2 Million Dollar BC Slots Review

2 Million B.C. Dollar Overview

This game is made up of 5-reel and 30-pay lines. The 2 million B.C slot will permit the gamblers to select from 5 coins per line when playing. The denomination of the coin ranges from $0.02 to $1. This implies that the highest that a gambler can go in one spin is ND150.

The objective of this game is exactly what is obtainable in many slot games. Here, you have to match different symbols all through the dynamic pay lines. You can win the coins when you make the right combination of winnings from left to right.

Every symbol in the 2 Million B.C depends on the Stone Age tradition and culture, including clubs, cavewomen, sabre tooth, jewels, cave paintings and many more. In many cases, when 2 symbols are matched together through a pay line, you will be rewarded.

Meanwhile, some symbols need you to match 3 of them before you can make the combination of winning. Particular symbols can as well unveil special features in the game. The 3 and above of five symbols in a pay line will fetch you free spins while 2 acorns will unlock the attack of Saber bonus game and many more.

Bonus Rounds

The game includes appealing gameplay with a theme of the caveman. This 2 Million B.C slot is regarded as one of the outdated versions, lacking elaborate sound effects and fantastic animations as you can make a good comparison in its new launches.

Meanwhile, the slot has many things to offer their lovers. The setup of the game is given in a typical setting of a wilderness that has many stone tablets and a fire to go with you all through the adventure.

In spite of the fact that the animation in the game is limited, some things such as a fire of the onscreen and the interactions of the caveman with different characters are very much interesting. During the free spins, the night mode is triggered.

This is an innovative switch to the game. The sounds are archaic and go well with the theme. Additionally, one can easily hear the soft voices in the jungle and the yawning of the caveman if you stay longer in deciding your next action.

Among the incentives, the top pick in the game can be the diamond incentive. The Diamond bonus will reward you with nearly 200 credits if you can hit above three diamond symbols on the reel. So also, one can as well get playing around the bonus on the new screen where the caveman tries to bargain diamond from the tooth of the sabre.

The game will motivate you to select various assumptions of bargaining of the diamond. If you have better caveman who does not bargain diamond, then you will have more reward.


The maximum payout on the reel can be gotten if you can hit about 5 cavewomen in one pay line. This kind of winning combination will fetch you with 500 credits for each coin wager. This implies that one can get about ND2500 with this kind of winning combination, particularly if play the highest stake and make use of maximum denomination.

Nevertheless, there are some other payouts such as 400 credits which can be achieved when five teeth of sabre are matched. Also, 300 credits can be achieved if five flying bugs are matched. Since there is no jackpot that can be taken for fun when aiming at the next level, the maximum slot payouts will surely maintain any game lover and remain cleave with the game.


There are 3 bonus rounds found in the 2 Million B.C slot and this includes a free spin round, sabre attack and rarer.

Free Spin Round

This is short-lived which can be activated without any ceremony or pomp. If you are lining up at the minimum of 3 of the campfire symbols on a single pay line, the screen will darken and the Neanderthal beside the screen will sit down and your free spins start.

There are at least five of these and the highest is 25. All of them are based on the number of campfire symbols you get.

Sabre Attack

This is activated when you have a minimum of 3 acorn symbols. In this kind of round, you will try to shoot a sabre tooth tiger with acorns so as to score higher when you are managing to knock him out


This round pays more but not as fun. This can be activated if you can land adequate diamond symbols and is a relatively “choose-me” round that has the player choosing the best route to an invaluable diamond.


when you make the comparison of 2 Million B.C slot with many other competing slots, you will find out that it is on the top list in many aspects. Even though it has few and funny features yet, some of its graphics are very great and highly engaging.

Meanwhile, when you want to compare it to some other latest release in the gaming industry, you will see that it lags behind a little bit in some aspects.

Anyway, one can easily conclude that 2 Million B.C is very impressive and shows a timeless passion for innovation even though, it does not match the latest games just launched.

Despite that, one cannot really dismiss the game, based on the unmatchable features that made it lags behind because it still serves its purpose of creation.

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