Play 5 Dragons Online Pokies for Free or Real Money

Another important game created by video game developers is the 5 Dragon Slots. This slot is very entertaining because there are many ways based on combinations to be made to earn a considerable amount of money. Passionate players after these games who want to play any game that appears online casinos or real-life casinos will be very happy.

The slots have about 25 lines and 5 reels with which the winning combinations can be made. 5 Dragons is an online pokie that gives players a lot of opportunities to win money, win spins, bonuses and eventually win staggering prizes.


5 Dragons Slots: Don’t Lose Winning Money and Enjoy the Game!

This slot is very interesting as it is built on wonderful figures belonging to the famous cultures that have the dragon as a symbol of their people. The colors used in the Slot are very nice and very attractive to all players and make them play more. The visual and graphics of this game are very interesting, and the soundtracks are very good for the players. They also have important symbols, the distribution symbol, and the wild symbol. The Distribution Symbol, in this case, is Dragon.

As mentioned above, the game is very interesting and has its important symbols that serve to make the game attractive and interesting. Some of the main symbols are playing cards that have the values from Nine to Ace, also exist and other important symbols like turtles, coins, red envelope. The game is all very interesting music in the background, design and the elements of the game make it even more attractive.

The player also has the ability through the lines that are available to win big amounts of money and feel satisfied and rewarded. 5 The Dragon Slot is a lot of game liked by all those who admire these slots. But Dragon Slot has never disappointed its players.

Created By Aristocrat Gaming Company

Aristocratic gaming developers have created many great opportunities for all real gaming fans, can now find them online and can play online without any problems. Online games are limited in some states due to licensing. Online games are available in the US, Australia, and Canada. While the largest realistic casinos are in these countries mentioned above and very few in Britain.

All games created by Aristocrat function in the same way, and the bonuses and rounds benefits are also the same. At the moment the player hits the 5 Dragons round then he wins the bonus round until he gets the big prize with an amount of considerable money. Players remain stunned because these games give you many benefits enough to make the right combinations.

Game Features

The slots offer players to win big sums of money and create a lot of opportunities for them to win money by bonuses when the player makes the right combination. A player is thought to place a bet that is about 25 points. If the player puts a bet of 25 cents maximum at the value of 100, then the chances of winning are too great. The player can increase the value of the bet he has made and thus increase the chance to earn more money.

Like any other electronic game, there are some symbols that can double the price and money the player has. The most important symbols are the wild symbol and the distribution symbol. The wild symbol in this game is a dragon that is green and can replace all other symbols but is unable to substitute the symbol for the currency distribution.

The player can win the bonus in this game when the dragon you can find it from the first roll to the third roll. The player can choose some freerolls when he chooses the extra bet.

When a player succeeds in setting normal money values then it will be less than likely to get a large number of freerolls. The player must choose a coefficient which to multiply the incomes he has and sees the opportunities that will give him the ones to win free rolls without paying the money but to win from the bonus round. The player can achieve to win 15 rounds when he chooses a coefficient between 8, 5, and 10.


5 Dragons is a game that everyone has rated very valuable and has given them a lot of value. The game creates its players to get the bonus rounds that every player wants. The game has some important elements and one of them is and the envelope that appears each time the player shows their winnings which can reach up to 50.

Interestingly, the way players get bonuses and how to win money. The game is very exciting full of positive energy and encourages players to win more and play more. Players can find this game in the Play Store and download them to have their own phones. The game can be made by everyone on Android and IOS devices. You are welcome!

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