50 Dragons Slot Review

Aristocrat Gaming has manufactured a game that introduces the player into a fantasy world, surrounded by magic and enigma, called 50 Dragons. The theme is quite similar to the 50 Lions, but has several differences, in terms of symbols and methodology.

Currently, it is possible to find 50 Dragons, both in slot machines at land-based casinos, and online to play on any device and spend a moment of entertainment and healthy recreation. Likewise, you can already find it available, to bet with cash, through B & M or, if you prefer, the player can enjoy a pleasant time online and free, without having to risk the money..


Live the Game Experience with 50 Dragons Slots

For those who decide to play the 50 Dragons slot machine, they must meet several essential requirements, as they must first register at the casino, then download the game and, finally, select the option online or by betting money. There is the option to choose to play for free, to understand the game and take practice, which is already prepared to bet with cash and get very good profits. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing everything, because you do not have knowledge of the game.

50 Dragons Slots Symbols

The theme of the symbols is really very varied; it has a Pearl that represents the joker, a gold ingot, which is a scatter symbol, Golden Dragons, among others. The icons accumulate in gold and are identified with spectacular colors. The icon of Golden Dragon is the element that gives more gains to the player. When placing a Golden Dragon in a pay line, you will begin to hear certain characteristic noises of the dragons, as a sign that they are being used.

The sounds that will be heard are part of the effects, which will captivate the player’s attention. Each Golden Dragon symbol can be accumulated in a single specific drum at a time and when it is achieved, the player earns huge profits. Another symbol is the Wild Pearl or the Pearl, which is the wild icon. With this symbol, it is possible to replace it with some other symbol, except with that of the dispersion. This wildcard can only be found on reels 2 through 5.

Icons and Symbols

The scatter symbol is represented by the Gold Ingot. When it is possible to locate, at least, three gold bars in any place corresponding to the first, second or third drum, there will be the possibility of activating a bonus round with free spins. The location of the scatter symbol must be from the first to the third drum, only. In this case, the reward that is obtained is the amount of the initial bet multiplied by four, which guarantees an excellent reward. When profits are obtained with the scatter icon, these amounts are added to the total reward. In addition, you will be adding to this amount, the gains achieved with the Free Spins bonus.

The game icons include representations of animals, such as the iconic dragon, fish, chickens, tigers, monkeys, and lions, among others. In addition, medallions and a number of colorful letters and numbers are also presented, assigned to the letters of 9, 10, J, Q, K and As. The wildcard icon can occupy all the reels, except the first one. This particularity prevents him from making combinations, you can make any replacement, only, and you cannot impersonate the dispersion symbol.

The symbols of dispersion offer many benefits, only arise in the first, second and third drum, with three icons gathered, the bet will be paid four times. Also, they offer up to ten free spins to be used in a bet and with the same number of lines, which appeared in the last round. These turns are used in five rounds nothing more.

Important Aspects of the Game

To honor the title, 50 Dragons has a total of four lines, five reels, and 50 pay lines. By completing all the spaces on the screen with symbols of Golden Dragon or Golden Dragon, you can get the jackpot, which corresponds to the bet multiplied by 50. The players choose the number of lines they want to play, but you have to take into account that if you bet a quantity of money on each of the lines, the winnings will be higher, than if you bet on certain lines.

Free spins bonus rounds are achieved when there is a total of 3 scatter icons on the reels. By achieving this accumulation of scatter symbols, free spin bonuses are achieved. Another way to activate them is to get three scatter icons on the reels from the first to the third. By getting these symbols placed, you can win up to five free spins. The most shocking part of the game is that a wildcard is added to the drum, with the free spins while the bonus is on.

As the free spins are advanced, the wildcards can be collected, this causes the gains to accumulate and increase progressively. The amount of wildcards that are added to the reels is reactivated with the bonus function. With respect to the bets on each line, they range from a penny to NZD 2 and the maximum amount of a bet is NZD 100 for each spin. This also applies to the standard game, when using the special symbols, with the function of games of chance, for the free spins that come with advanced features and many other alternatives.

When making combinations, anyone can be selected at random, the only restriction to perform them, is that they must have dispersion symbols placed in the correct position; that is, from left to right. To pay for the combinations, you must observe certain rules, since you have to contain two similar symbols along a single line of payment, while the line is active and counted from the first drum.

The Best Design

The game is designed with class and style, which makes it a very attractive game, in the visual aspect. It has a very soft background, which gives it a certain delicacy and makes the player feel identified with the deepest Chinese traditions. Likewise, a payment table is shown on the screen, in which the player can know the amount of the gain, according to the location range. As the game progresses, the amounts in the table are modified to provide accurate and truthful information.

The latest news from the 50 Dragons slots is that it is now available for mobile devices and tablets. So fans of the game can download the application, which has also been created for the computer. This new version to be installed on these devices is very easy to play. It has many aspects, which make the game develop without problems; the level of interaction is quite simple.

50 Dragons for All

The 50 Dragons slot machine is one of the games created by Aristocrat Gaming, which holds a lot of curiosity and awakens the interest of the players. With impeccable graphics and a very captivating sound, imitating the sound of animals and with background music, is one of the most sought-after games in the casinos such as Gaming Club..

This story that integrates fabulous dragons and spectacular animals, with the search for great rewards, by the player, shows great possibilities to increase profits using the appropriate symbols. In addition, it has a setting that attracts the attention of the player, with the elements so striking that are parts of the game, which is quite nice and makes the person come back for more excitement. Ready to feel the passion of pursuing Dragons and money?

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