50 Lions Pokie Review

The 50 Lions Slots game is a classic and as such it’s been around a long time. It, therefore, has entertained tens of thousands of satisfied gamers worldwide.

It’s not surprising then that it remains very popular currently and is considered equally competitive with the modern generation of more sophisticated slots consoles rolled out in Las Vegas annually.

Aristocrat, the manufacturer, designed the game with simplicity in mind but with a whopping 50 paylines for your entertainment and satisfaction. The more the merrier, right?

50 Lions Slot spin reel second screen

Availability World Wide

While the hardware version of 50 Lions is found in most countries that allow gambling, for whatever reason, the online version is not available except in a terribly few countries. Licensing rules worldwide are so complicated that you would have to hire the FBI or MI6 to figure them out.

Online casinos go by many names and are called by some people as internet casinos or virtual casino games. The online slots games are almost identical to the hardware versions found in brick-and-mortar casinos like the ones commonly seen in the US city and state of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Like when playing Indian Dreaming, to play the online version of the 50 Lion Slots game, you need an internet connection or Wi-Fi for your mobile device. Then you just play as usual. Indeed, it is not unusual in the online versions for the games to be rigged to make payouts that are a little bit higher than those found in real life casinos.

In any regard, the UK has a copious number of the online version available all over the country it seems. But strangely enough, the virtual version of 50 Lions Slots is not found in Canada, the Down Under or the USA. But to be clear, you can find the hardware versions almost anywhere, including in NY, Nevada, and New Jersey, just to name a few locals.

Enjoy the Bonus Rounds

50 Lions Slots grants you 10 free, i.e., Bonus Rounds to get you closer to the money. There’s also a generous supply of Wild Symbols that appear with greater and greater frequency as you rotate through your 10 bonus spins. It’s designed to give you the feeling that you are going to strike it big any minute now, and many people do while playing the 50 Lions game.

While it’s possible to re-trigger an additional Bonus Round, it can only be done a second time, for a total of two Bonus Rounds. If you are savvy enough to achieve that feat, you will be rewarded with an ever-increasing number of Wild Symbols, thereby multiplying your chances of becoming a big-time winner.

Game Strategy and Tactics

The 50 Lions real-world game is available online and in brick-and-mortar casinos. It allows a wide coin range for your bets, starting at $0.01 and going up to $4.00. You can also play one coin for each of the 50 lines. The highest allowable wager is $200.

This can result in the biggest payout, which is one thousand dollars without the maximum number of lion symbols on a line, which is five. With the five lions on a single payline, you can win up to $4,000. That would be quite a haul. The online version can also be played with real money, like with Treasure Room Slot, after you register on the gaming site. That’s probably to prevent bots from winning all the money.

Finally, 50 Lions Slots offers an autonomous play option that lets you set the game to play on its own without direct human intervention. What a great way to make money or to simply be entertained. Just set the game on auto and wait for the earnings to mount up.

Some online casinos have free spin rounds that you can take into account in your strategy. Such is the case of the Jackpot City 150 free spins bonus.

No muss, no fuss. How’s that for paying the rent and having fun on casino night.

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