7s Wild Online Slot Review

For the players, Wild 7s, at first sight, seems a bit old game, however, what people do not expect is that once inside the game, Wild 7s shows to have great modern tools and that they adapt to the current technology, what today’s players are looking for.

7s Wild has a good resemblance to other games such as Blazing Sevens, games like these have great chances of winning large amounts of money with the most striking feature that is the bonus of free spins if the exact combination required is achieved.


Fruit party with 7s Wild!

Definitely 7s Wild is not the only slot game or game in general, without necessarily being a bet or casino that has a fun and colorful fruit theme, there are many different and it is not really known which was the first to be created and by which company producing games.

This game, 7s Wild, which is an old-school betting machine, shows a huge number of fanatical players who follow classic games. However, current video-style slot games are still leading the way with a massive group of followers who like to have a long list of current games to choose from. The system of game and lines of payment with what these machines count do not have great science for the understanding of the players, because they are systems of a game designed to be quite simple and easy to understand.

The slot game of International Game Technology (IGT) Wild 7s has on its screen five reels, three lines, a thousand currencies, and has quite comfortable graphics with sound effects that will transport everyone to the past decades. Its bottom has tiny stars with an air to a galaxy of colors that go between purple, black and blue. There are several charts, among which are the cherries that do not have a high payment index, with a maximum limit of one hundred credits if the indicated combination is achieved.

Retro Feel n Look

It’s easy to realize that the Wild 7s slot game is old school once we appreciate its screen with determination. It has this retro style that can be seen in the size of the graphics and the style of the same; they are perhaps so bright and clear that you can doubt if they really are so old. It is not that 7s Wild is so old that it was one of the first slots created in the history of betting machines because these betting machines were created in 1895 by Charles Fey that happened to be a mechanic dedicated to cars to be a creator, inventor of different betting machines.

They quickly became so demanded by people that someone like Charles could not lead with so much work, and that’s how other companies dedicated to creating different betting machines as well. However, 7s Wild if it is considered a very prominent classic.

What do you have to do to win with 7s Wild?

When you get between three or more oranges you get higher payments, however, for a bonus of up to a thousand coins you need an orange sevens graphs, bells or plums lined up in five lines of payment.

There are also graphs of 7s, these are the ones that give the highest prize in addition to getting five free spins while the wild graph is expected to multiply the whole play. This wild multiplier mentioned above can increase the payments in such a way that the prizes will touch the twenty thousand coins. It is important to bear in mind that to be able to win, you have to know how to risk.

The rate of return to the player is quite large, which is between ninety-two and ninety-six percent. This is because the payment lines show a flexible characteristic to such an extent that you can choose if you want to play with five, three, one, or the number you prefer. And the number of money to bet, therefore, can vary between twenty-five credits if you are opting for the minimum bet for each line and only one of them in operation. On the other hand, there would be one hundred and fifty credits if the maximum number of pay lines and a maximum bet for each one is played.

7s Wild may not be the best of the classics, but this does not mean that it does not show incredible pros that still make it a very popular slot game among the classics. This game increases the chances of winning great prizes or, failing that, at least many free spins like a good springboard, this being a great attraction. International game technology has many games with incredible modern improvements if that is what the player is looking for, you can also find games like Triple Red Hot 777; a very attractive game in the same way and with a retro atmosphere quite attractive

Versatile Sound Effect

International game technology has some sound effects that are displayed in a large number of their games, not all being exactly the same, but they maintain their similarities to each other, because in 7s Wild you can see some effects of sounds and graphics that are similar to others games Perhaps emphasizing the background sound when the drums begin to move is certainly a bit familiar to the game of 5 times pay or Double diamond. All maintain this similarity of sounds with classic touches.

Similarities and Mobile Version

If the players ever got to know another of the Wolf Run slots, they will know that 7s Wild also has similarities with this game because they both have a very energizing and exciting effect, which consists of fireworks along with the music that celebrates an agonizing victory

This game as all of the International game technology and those mentioned above can be achieved without problems in virtual casinos, depending on which player you prefer, the different pages and web portals can ask the user to choose a subscription or in other cases not You will never need any other type of process besides entering the page and waiting for the game to load, because it can be easily found completely free.

You can also find mobile versions if what you are looking for is a different experience, more comfortable and at hand. In Las Vegas and in other land-based casinos around the world you can also get this slot game if what the player is looking for is to bet and invest real money in a physical place.


People love Wild 7s for having the power to teleport them to other times for at least a few minutes of their time, what the play lasts or the different plays if the player is insistent. It is a very attractive game, entertaining and extremely fun.

It is expected to get attention and demand by players of years or with much time in this kind of world of betting, and even with high hierarchy, however many young or recent beginners who love this retro style approach and prefer Wild 7s to initiate and add new and extraordinary experience, one of quality.

There are infinite slot games with so many different themes and styles that it is not possible to try a single one when they all seem so interesting and different, with maybe one or the other similarity. 7s Wild is one of these games that has a ranking and list of fans that definitely deserves to get many more followers.

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