88 Fortune Slot Review

The 88 Fortunes slots game until recently was mostly available in tiny Macau, an administrative region of China that was previously a colony of Portugal until 1987. During the time of this game’s existence, it has rarely been seen in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom, although its presence in the west is increasing as time passes.

We are waiting to see, betting on it, in fact, that the game will soon become as visible here as it has been in China and its territories. The manufacturer of 88 Fortunes Slots may have to modify its symbols a bit, however, in an effort to Occidentalize the game a tad more for Westerners’ enjoyment, as most Westerners will probably not readily understand all of the oriental symbolism, such as the “adult babies” icons.

Fast food giants like McDonald’s have tweaked its menus to be more palatable to its local markets for decades. Indeed, you have lived until you had a Chicken Maharaja Mac where the secret sauce is hearty habanero sauce.



The eponymous name derives from the fact that 880 dollars using an ABC configuration or its equivalent of 8.80 credits result in the combination of the number “88”. The number 8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture. It symbolizes wealth and means good fortune and good luck. As a consequence, almost all prices in Chinese shopping malls and grocery stores are a combination 8, 88, or 888, and so forth.

Of course, it is possible to place a lower or higher bet, but the idea behind this game as well as its name is that the number 88 has a special meaning to the Chinese and derivative cultures.

The game’s stratagem is based on the premise that the grand jackpot may only be achievable using bets in the larger amounts. Indeed, it is possible that the longer you play the game the better are your chances to earn a pick during the Fu Bat Bonus Round. Your odds during longer play rounds is a one-to-four opportunity to hit it big.

Casino Game

One characteristic (and thus, an important trick of the trade) of the 88 Fortunes Slots Game is to closely observe how full the jackpot logo is on the screenshot of each game. They rarely are the same. Indeed, in theory, the fuller the jackpot is on the opening screen the closer the machine is to generating a jackpot.

The jackpot may be big or small, but a hit is better than no hit, right? So why not play the game whose screenshot has the most coins in the jackpot logo on the screen. After all, remember, this game’s algorithm is such that the longer you play, the higher are your chances of winning.

Features of the Game

Anyone who has ever spent a day in your local Chinatown or visited an annual Chinese New Year’s celebrations already know what to expect regarding the theme of 88 Fortunes. And right on cue, the game delivers with lots of Chinese Red and Chinese gold on almost every symbol. As I said in the introduction above, it may be necessary to tone the oriental theme and colors down a bit to attract more western players.

The background music is typical Chinese elevator music – not too bland, not too good. Expect a lot of Chinese cymbals crashing each time you win something. The effect of metal clashing against metal is a bit irritating at first, but as you win more and more you’ll gradually get used to it.

The Wild in the game is a Chinese themed “oriental carpet”. It is so omnipresent that it substitutes for all other symbols. You will only find it on the three middle reels. The game’s Scatter is represented by the gong, which is gold in color, right? Right!

Three scatters or more earns you 10 Bonus Rounds, and win an additional 10 Bonus Rounds if you get a combination of scatters. How good is that! During the Bonus Rounds, the low poker card symbols are automatically replaced by the more coveted Chinese symbols which, of course, have a higher value. This increases your overall chances to win and to win more often, but also to win larger payouts.

The Verdict

This game is targeted towards the low budget players as it will fail to draw the high rollers because it has low threshold bet limits and because the payouts are relatively small with no real opportunities to maximize your ultimate winning value. But if you are just starting out on the slots circuit or if you want to brush up on your Chinese culture, this will be right up your alley.

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