Arrival Slot Review

Arrival slot is developed by a popular 3D developer known as Betsoft. In this game, the outer space theme is used with full animations to envelop the sound of the background and superb graphics. Inside this game are the features like a young boy and girl who are space marines, planets, giant spaceships, evil alien brain in space suits and asteroids.

What a great success on the part of the developer for the unique 3D game that can be played and enjoyed by the people from every angle of life. .


Features of Arrival Slots

This game is a space theme slot that is made up of 5 reels and 30-pay lines. The user interface resembles that of the giant video screens that are used to communicate in the outer space.  When you view the selectors, you will discover that the spin button, the line selectors, and the stake are used to control the screens in addition to the animated alien which is at the controls. All these help to manage the reels for you.


The slot symbols include:

  • A planet with rings
  • A space Marine Corps badge
  • A target aiming at earth
  • Another space marine
  • A girl
  • A space marine
  • An Autobot
  • A laser gun
  • A spaceship
  • A big-eyed alien pet

The sound playing in the background is the same as the one used in the theme of the space television shows and films such as star trek, star wars and many more. Despite that, it is very easy and simple on hearing; it could be repeated after some time. The alien that is at the controls is animated and are not patient if the gambler is not dynamic. Also, their constant nagging to push you to play will get you to know after the certain point.

True Cash Version and How to Play

This game can be played free of charge to catch fun or if you are lovers of the game that can fetch you real money, then Arrival slot will serve that purpose as well. The stake range is between ND0.02 and ND0.50 on each line. The highest number of the coin for each line is five. The players can stake a highest amount of NZD75 so as to win the jackpot of NZD5000 cash or 10000 coins.

This slot has easy interface usage but lacks auto play button. Before you can benefit from this game, you need to combine these 3 symbols; 3D animations, background score, and the symbols all these must be added to the number of free credits that you can win via the Arrival slot. This is what really makes the game one of the best among the online slots.

Bonus Rounds

In the Arrival slots, there are two scatter symbols.

  • When you have the laser gun symbols at least thrice in anywhere on the reels, you will be able to activate the UFO Click me feature. Also, the 3 laser gun symbols will change to Click Me symbols. It is very important to click on every one of the symbols before you can have instant free credits winning until you are able to collect the symbol.
  • An alien symbol is another scatter symbol. With this symbol, you will be able to activate the expanding wild feature of the Arrival slots. The alien symbol will show on the first, third and fifth reels after which a spaceship shows and the center, first or the fifth reel expands into a wild symbol.

The wild symbol keeps sticky for the next few spins of the Arrival slots thereby boosting the opportunity of winning for the player.The bonus symbol is the girl. This symbol activates the bonus game in which the player will only need to follow the space marine to the ship of the evil alien in order to save the girl. The bonus round is entertaining and animated. The outcome is instant winning and the huge one for that matter. As these rounds can as well assist you to boost your winnings, to activate then is not an easy task.

Value of Each Symbol


It gives the maximum value as 5, 4, 3 or 2 appearances of symbol that will reward you with 400 to 2000, 200 to 1000, 60 to 400 or 20 to 100 coins respectively.

Weird Looking Alien

This will offer 300 to 1500, 150 to 750, 75 to 375 or 15 to 75 coins when 5, 4, 3 or 2 of them come in the dynamic free casino game lines.


When 5, 4, 3 or 2 robot appears, you will be rewarded with 200 to 1000, 100 to 500, 40 to 200 or 10 to 50 coins.


This will offer you 150 to 750, 75 to 375, 25 to 125 or 5 to 25 coins when 5, 4, 3 or 2 symbols show on the reels.


When 5, 4 or 3 planet symbol shows up, you will be rewarded with 125 to 625, 50 to 250 or 25 to 125 coins respectively.

Sheriff’s Badge

This will offer you with 100 to 500, 40 to 200 or 20 to 100 cons when 5, 4 or 3 of them appear on the lines.

Alien Ship

The brown color of an alien ship will give the player 75 to 375, 30 to 150 or 15 to 75 coins when 5, 4 or 3 of them appear on the lines.

Green Target

This symbol will offer 50 to 250, 20 to 100 or 10 to 50 coins when 5, 4 or 3 of them appear in the dynamic pay lines.

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