At The Movies Slot Review & How To Play

Are you planning to go for a night at a cinema? Have you bought your giant tub of popcorn so as to make sure that you disturb anyone at the hearing radius? Then, you are one of who is bound to enjoy At The Movies Slots. This is a high-quality slot on the internet which was developed by the Betsoft. The game was themed around film symbols and cheery soundtrack.


About The Game

The Betsoft is the developer of a slot referred to as “At The Movies”. What an exciting, incredible, addictive and visually brilliant game! This slot is just the same as normal slots machines that are very common in any of the casinos. The only difference why it is so unique from the authentic slot is the images and the mode of the design of the reels found in At The Movies. Other features include movie stubs, magazines, projector, and popcorn. This game is highly unique to the extent that it makes the players thrilled and excited as they are trying their best to make something out of the games.

Overview of the Slots

This game functions on the similar pattern of a normal slot machine. Rather than having 3 reels, this game comprises of 4 reels with 30-pay lines. The highest coins values that can be used by a player in this game is 150 while the staking range is between NZD0.02 and NZD75. One out of many greatest bonuses that this slot needs to give its player is its lucrative jackpot. This provides the player with the higher opportunity of winning a huge amount of money. This could transform the lives of the player throughout his lifetime.

Real Cash Version and How It Is Played

Prior to the commencement of the game, it is very important for you to know that there are various options by which you can adjust the game so as to increase your winning possibilities.

  • Firstly, the player needs to change the pay lines number. This kind of option is symbolized by a container of soda. The players can move from gambling on just one line to thirty lines.
  • As soon as the option is changed, another option will occur to select the amount to be stake on each of the pay line. The option is symbolized by a tub of popcorn. The game setting is a default and of 5 credits that add up to a total of about 125 credits. The gambler can boost or reduce the credits number on each of the pay lines between 5 credits and 1 credit.

As soon as that has been chosen, the gambler will be able to select the amount that he or she can wager or stake on. The standard of the settings on the casino video of Betsoft games is NZD0.10. However, the denominations are NZD0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25 and 0.50. This game can be played free and for real cash more so; the settings can as well be adjusted. All in all, the gambler can also spin.

Bonus Features

One of the disadvantages of the At the Movies slot is that it does not have too much bonus features when compared to the other games like 50 Dragons or those that were developed by Bally or IGT. In “At The Movies”, the gamblers should expect just 2 incentive features.

 Free Spins

This feature can be unlocked if there is 3 or more combination of movie reel symbols on the screen at the end of a spin. When that has been activated, the game will move to another screen where free spins will be given. These free spins will let the gamblers have the opportunity of winning more credits without the need of spending a dime or anything. Depending on the number of movie reels that appear after a spin, the slot will reward a particular number of free spins. With 3 movie reels, you can unlock 8 free spins. Also, with 4 movie reels, you can unlock twelve free spins and 5 movie reels will as well unlock twenty free spins.

Bonus Rounds

Anytime a gambler wins in the bonus round, automatically, the points will be doubled and added to the winnings of the gambler like when playing Rockstar Slots.

Comedy & Tragedy Symbols

These are the wild symbols and can be replaced with any symbols except the scatter symbol which is known as the movie reel. In this game, few disadvantages are observed in the sense that it does not have any form of incentive features apart from the free spin. The soundtrack at the course of the gameplay will not show and from a movie but rather it will seem like real and true live movie.  The slot is very fundamental and full of fun but because of the absence of bonus features, it looks extremely monotonous thereby making the slot lack varieties.


The title of the game “At The Movies” offers everything that the lovers of the game expect from the game developed by the Betsoft and this include symbols that suit the theme perfectly. It is such a fun to look at all the symbols on the reels and discover their source. Some of them are designed so as to be the replica of the popular movie such as a giant shark, the actor that seems to be suspicious like that of Brad Pitt, and as well as a huge spaceship attacking the earth. Other symbols look like that of conventional slot pictures such as playing card symbols while others are the things you would see at a drive-in such as the buckets of popcorn.

The symbol that is very popular in “At The Movies” are the symbols that can activate the free spins bonus round of the slot and the one that serves as the scatter symbols of the game. The scatter symbols look like the old pair of movie reels. The more reels that show up, the larger the multiplier amount you will win. As you land may symbol you will have the color multiplier to the extent that 5 symbols pass across the reels to multiply the wins by 5. When you land the minimum of 3 of these symbols, it results to the bonus game.

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