Break Away Slot Review

This is one of the most featured video slot games online these days. With many people preferring online gaming as compared to attending casino centers personally, break away has attracted a hell lot of players from all over the world. break away slotsWith several features such as the scatter symbol, wild symbol and free spins among others, this game is better than any other you can think of. Unlike the traditional pay lines, the game offers 243 fixed winning ways. In fact this is a 5-reel game like most of the online games today. If you have been looking for a thrilling online game with the best soundtrack and stunning animation, then look no further as a break away is the game right for you.


If you are keen on the current trend in microgaming, you should have realized that the concept of fixed winning ways is getting the preference over the traditional pay line method. That is exactly the game play mechanic that has been employed in the break away.

Theme of the Game

Most of the players are actually attracted by the theme of the game. In the case of break away, the game is based on an ice hockey theme with various features relevant in the game such as rolling reels, scatter pays, smashing wilds, free spins and stacked wilds among others. From the theme, you can tell that break away is a pretty interesting and thrilling game more especially because of the fixed winning ways. Most of the players seem to enjoy this kind of play than in the case of traditional pay lines. What is more interesting is that break away has no jackpot meaning it is a quite fast and furious game with several free spins and many more wins to compensate the jackpot.

Scatter symbol

This is a very crucial feature in this video slot. The puck graphic is the scatter symbol in this case and two of these symbols on any of the reels can result in a win that is paid. The symbol can also trigger free spins bonus feature which is much more crucial in winning the game. Watch out for this feature while playing the game.

Wild symbol

The Break Away logo is the wild symbol in this slot. This feature is important as it triggers several other game play features such as the smashing wilds and stacked wilds. Playing with either of these symbols is quite thrilling and exciting for the player.

Free Spins

This is a feature that results when 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. In such a case, you will win up to 25 free spins which also have a chance of up to a 10 times multiplier. If you are lucky enough to hit 25 free spins at a 10 times multiplier, you would have simply made up for the jackpot!

Betting In the Game

This is an affordable game to be played by anybody. The maximum bet per spin is $50 which can offer a much greater payout.

Our Take on Break Away

If you like hockey fun, this is the game for you with a great theme and amazing features. Due to lack of the traditional pay lines, as a player, you have quite a number of winning chances because of the many winning combinations. You can’t wait to enjoy the amazing graphics and impressive symbols all representing the hockey theme. Just like a real game, you will get the excitement you deserve by play the online break away video slot. The game is available on various micro-gaming sites just for you to play. Have fun!

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