Coyote Moon Online Slot Review

Wolves are pack animals. They run in packs and they hunt in packs. It should not come as a surprise then to learn that ITG, the manufacturer, has cloned one of its other very popular slots games. That game is the renowned and all-time favorite Wolf Run Slots Game. Coyote Moon is one of many games made by International Game Technology (ITG).

In 2015 Gtech acquired ITG, but kept the famous IGT name and continues to use the name. The online version, like a lot of the games made by IGT, is very similar to both the original real money slot machines in Las Vegas like Wolf Run as well as Coyote Moon. Although Coyote Moon Slots is a younger generation of Wolf Run, Coyote Moon is worthy of your giving it a try.

It runs smoother than Wolf Run and has many of its own outstanding characteristics, play features, and respectable payouts.


Multiple Versions of Coyote Moon Slots

Coyote Moon Slots comes in two iterations: brick-and-mortar based and the virtual version, which some people call the online version. In this instance, virtual and online are synonymous. The online version is just as challenging and financially rewarding as the land-based version of this popular brand.

One reason that is so is because of the love and technology IGT pours into every game they make. Kudos to IGT/Gtech for keeping the faith. All you need to access the online version of the game is an internet connection and a computer or smartphone or similar device, and you’re off to the races.

For beginners, they will feel right in charge as they can earn up to 200 Bonus Spins. Just knowing that makes you feel the energy building up as you play what is on its face a fair game that offers good opportunities to win, win often, and win big. Your pocketbook or wallet will bless you as you will definitely be saving a lot of your hard-earned money.

Theme and Symbolism

The theme of Coyote Moon is the western desert of the United States and all the popular animals that live in it. It is common to find in the desert all the inhabitants that live in Big Sky Country, like rattlesnakes, lizards, owls, and many others, but especially the coyote. Don’t be surprised, however, when the 1-9 poker card emblems begin to show up among the native animal symbols. Many slots games manufacturers include the classic poker cards among a game’s dedicated symbols as a way to subtly remind you that you are actually playing a form of old-time poker.

Game Strategy and Tactics

During normal play, you will see 40 variated paylines comprised of many of the animals of the US western dessert. You will need to trigger three or more hummingbirds, lizards, old desiccated buffalo skulls and other desert animals in order to score a Welcome Payout.

If you are really in “the zone,” you might get a Wild icon that could help make up your three or more desert animal symbols. Whenever you tap any of these milestones, you’ll be sure to hear the sound of coyotes crying to the wind. Have no fear. They are only trying to celebrate your victory. Wilds cannot substitute for the games Scatter symbol, but the nice thing about the game’s Wild symbols is that occasionally they show up in a stacked configuration.

The Coyote Moon Slot Machine’s Scatter symbol is a classic rendition of an elderly “singing” coyote that resides only on the fourth to the first spinning reels. If you score three or more singing coyotes on a single payline, you’ll earn a free spin Bonus Round. If you do it again, you can earn from 5 bonus games up 255 bonus spins.

With Coyote Moon it’s easy to win, and win big but you have to be patient and keep triggering those Bonus Rounds. Bonus means free, and free means without the need for additional payouts from you. That’s always a good thing.

When you are on Free Spin frenzy, you have the new benefits of additional stacked Wilds that facilitate higher payouts.

The Coyote Moon Slots game is designed as a highly versatile virtual platform. As such, the game is easily accessible even while you are not tethered to your computer. The betting range will allow you earn a little more than beer money as it is set from New Zealand forty cents up to NZD200. This is within line of other games manufactured by IGT.

The RTP, or the Return to Player, is the amount of money bet, in percentages, that will be returned to the gambler from the slots machine over a certain period of time of playing that particular game (Jaguar Mist, for example).

Part of the formula for the RTP is based on 1,000 games played. Coyote Moon has a potential payout back to the customer of between over 92 percent and almost 95 percent. This RTP is slightly less than other companies’ RTP, but it is certainly good enough to make Coyote Moon worth your giving it a spin or two.

Our Verdict

Although Coyote Moon Slots is a second generation of the more famous Wolf Run, also by IGT, it can stand on its own as a true slots game and has nothing to be embarrassed about, from the wild coyote yelps to the 400 tumbling reels, to the many free Bonus Spins that give you multiple chances to win, and win again. We recommend you to give Coyote Moon a howling good try.

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