Dolphin Treasure Slot Review

Let’s mention some other games that have been developed by Aristocrat. It’s very interesting and full of colors, music, and emotions.

Aristocrat has developed Dolphin Treasure Slot. This slot is built with 20 lines where players can play and make combinations that also consist of 5 rolls. The game has a very entertaining theme and is very rewarding.

Dolphin Treasure Slot Review
Dolphin Treasure Slot Review


Dolphin Treasure game is played in the same way as most of the games Aristocrat has released.

Dolphin Treasure uses symbols such as playing cards. It usually uses cards that vary 9-A.

The player should know how to make combinations. The game has some symbols that raise the amount of money. The main symbols used are sea stars, sea turtles, octopus, and shore of the sea.

As in any other pokie game, there are wild symbols that have the right to replace any other symbol. And in such a way to increase the saved money.

If the player hits the 5 rolls available, they can win big amounts of money.

The game is fun because it is based in real casinos where this game is playing.

Game Features

The player should know how to make the right combinations in the right lines so that they are rewarded.

You can win free rolls if you find the treasure within 3 to 5 times.

Players can also triple the amount of money they have based on the Treasurer’s placement. The player can also win freerolls and win big prizes. There is also a Gamble option which allows the player to change the color of the card to get more money.

As we mentioned above, Aristocrat has always created very beautiful, and lucrative games. The game favors many players by giving them the opportunity to win. Some of the most important symbols are sea symbols.

A symbol that increases the income is the sun which is a wild symbol. It increases the number of earnings and this badge can pay up to 9,000 credits. The player can get about 15 free games when he uses the treasure chest symbol.

The player may be able to set different amounts of money on each line to increase the amount of money they have. Start with the smallest value that can be 2 coins and if they use all the lines then they can win a value pre-2000 coins.

Game Play

The game has a cool and fun theme. It gives the player many benefits and pleasures. If the player wants to play to win as much money as possible then there must be many wild symbols set in a game.

The player is able to win more free spins to win money.

Similarly to Double Diamond, the player can win the bonus round and thus increase the value of the money.

The player can win a triple of 15 and earn 45 spins in total.

The game has a lot of emotion and many opportunities.

You can find Dolphin Treasure at the Play and Apple Store.  You can get started by downloading it and installing it. It is available for all devices, even for iOS and for Android.

You are welcome to find the game and to download it. You will enjoy it!

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