Double Diamond Slot Review

Double Diamonds Slot is another electronic game which is also built by IGT. This electronic game is easy to play, consisting of three reel slots and is available from Double Diamonds slot machines. People prefer to play because it is a simple game you can multiply the bet a maximum of 4 times and have an 85 – 98 % payout.

Double Diamonds is one of the simplest machines that has created by International Games Technologies (IGT). The design is like the traditional three reel game and a pay line. Although the bet that can be made has a limit of 3 coins, the prizes obtained can reach 2500 coins.



In this slot, the maximum bet can be three coins only, and the maximum price that can be won is 2500. In this slot, among the icon shown are the classics “BAR”, the double diamonds logo, the triple 7, cherries and “ANY BAR”.

They are also paid if you have one or a single combination on the line. In addition, it allows you to play on several denominations, with the second payment: 1600 coins. The Double Diamonds Slot enables the player to play in 27 modes to win, with different combinations.

To play in this slot, the player needs to choose the sum of the money he wants to put in order to click on the spin. You can place the bets in Euros, Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Pounds. The betting rate in these games is a low value of $0.25 the maximum bet can be NZD5, NZD10 to NZD100. With 2500 credits of casinos you can get you can buy a home of 12,500 NZD. The profit graph is displayed so players can see which combinations are paid and what not.

Electronic games can be very profitable when the player is cautious and careful about the combinations they need to do.

Considering that Slot Diamond Double is simple with only three turns, there are not many bonus features for this fact. Despite this, there is a very wild symbol, the logo consists of two diamonds.

The most important role in this game for winning bonuses is a wild symbol which helps in creating other lines and is used as a substitute. If you have one symbol (wild) in the win bet, the bet multiplies by 2, when there are two wild multiply by double.

Double Diamonds Slot in Android

IGT is offering Double Diamonds gaming machines to be used only in the groundbreaking casino. The company has a Double Diamond 3X, 4X, 5X slot machine and has 5 rolls available to offer more ways to win.

This game is not available for playing on the computer but there is already a free application for Android device users. The application is free for everyone and is created by application developers called Jaxily.

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