Dragon Lines Slot Review

Dragon Lines is a slot created based on the real game that is present in all real-world casinos in the most popular and economically-rich countries. The game creates many emotions and is based on the history of the Asian part. The main feature of this game is the Dragon’s symbol, which is held as an emblem in China, but mostly on the Carnival Day.

This symbol beside this day is a symbol of the Chinese people and they have it sacred. The game also creates potential cash prizes and reward. The design of the graphics and visual game is really wonderful and all the players will be amazed.



Aristocrats besides the games we mentioned have created other games that are just as important and they have the same high quality in the building are just as nice and beautiful. Some of the important symbols that are used most in this the game is: coins, drums, fires, and a bridge of art.

The game also uses playing cards that help in combinations that will be made to gain more free spins. The graphics and sounds that are used most are very interesting and at CasinoLand, whenever the player dictates a bonus or wins the amount of money heard festive sounds.

How to Play

The player has 50 lines available to make the necessary combinations. The player can be careful to see all the sticky symbols in order to make the possible combinations and at the same time be rewarded with the amounts offered. The player can click the Play button and appears automatically.

The player can choose to play red or black. Also, the available Auto Play button can do up to 50 turns. Each symbol belongs to a certain amount of coins that can be spent. The player may be able to spend various values in the whole game.

As mentioned above, the letters are very important here as they show the value of the combinations and the sums relevant. Symbols that have the highest value that reaches up to 1,000 coins per 5 symbols that are in a line, for others the values ​​are naturally lower. If the player has gold coin it has the value of 300 coins, a fire has the value of 150 coins and lantern worth 200 coins.


The main symbols of the electronic games are Dragons. In the concrete case, Dragon is a wild symbol that can replace all other symbols, unlike other games the wild symbol here can also replace the distribution symbol. The player must be shown be careful about the many combinations that you can do in the rows, and the good thing is for him to use all the lines.

A badge that can cause gambling is the yin-yang symbol. If the player is able to use 4 symbols takes 10 times more than the actual value if it takes 5 symbols can take 100 times more than real values. The player can benefit from free spins, up to 10 turns per 3 same symbols in a line.


The game has a great advantage because it gives the player a lot of chance to win the bonus round. The player can achieve 10 rounds by making the right combinations in order to get the money that he wants to be part of if he/she has 3 dragons in the range of 3 lines then the player who is playing will understand immediately that they are accumulating money for victory. If the player points to more than three distributed symbols, he can win 5 freerolls.

User Friendly

Players who like this game are very fascinated by the way developers have built this game and furthermore, there is no difference from the game in the land-based casino.The game is built in a very simple way and there are many opportunities to win and feel happy because the game is rewarding. The way the game is built from the design allows many impressions as it is constructed as in reality.

The Aristocrats in collaboration with Ainsworth have managed to build such masterpieces. All the people who want to play this game and who want to try it first without playing with money can download the game and then install it later because the game has very big favors. Once you have been trained with the online game you can play and make money and do not regret it. You are welcome to download and install the game!

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