Dual Play Siberian Storm Pokie Review

Siberia. Home of the brave. Siberia. Home of the Hearty. Siberia. Where there’s always a storm or at least a storm coming. Siberia, a place that’s too cold to think; so what else is there to do but play the new and awesome slots game called Siberian Storm Dual Play.

It’s worth your time and it augurs the coming of big winnings. It’s another great game from one of the best virtual slots makers, IGT. Siberian Storm Dual Play is one of many games made by International Game Technology (ITG).

In 2015 Gtech acquired ITG, but kept the famous IGT name and continues to use it. The online version of Siberian Storm Dual Play is similar to the hardware version of the games played in gaming meccas like Las Vegas.


Secret Sauce

This new iteration of Siberian Storm Slots has some super-secret sauce that’s smoothing the way for some awesome new software and algorithmic enhancements. Let’s take a look at what’s under the hood, or the bonnet if you live across the big pond.

First, it has dual reels connected by a central spinner that in effect multiplies the tumblers. This gives you almost three thousand chances to win each time you spin. In addition, it has new MultiWay Xtra Wins technology added to the mix. It’s a tad complicated, so let me try to explain just enough to give you an idea as to just how cool this tool is.

The long-lived paylines era is now old school. It’s being replaced by MultiWays Extra Slots technology. Paylines technology required you to follow along certain lines (paylines) to be successful.

MultiWays Extra Slots algorithm lets you choose a winning combination choosing from right to left and from left to right. That’s awesome! But it doesn’t stop there. If you get two identical symbols, such as the beautiful white Siberian Tiger, which is the game’s main mascot, in side-by-side columns you will get a bigger payout.

Sometimes, you can score multipliers by getting like symbols in a single column. It’s obvious, therefore, that your chances of winning are marginally increased. There is a whole series of games that have this new propulsion system, like Treasures of Troy, Star Trek, Fire Opals, and of course, Siberian Storm, just to name a few. IGT didn’t leave out the oldie but goodie stuff. They wouldn’t do that. You still get the usual suspects like bonus rounds, stacked wilds, free spins, and in some cases auto spin features.

Frigid Frontiers

If ice and cold are your things, or if just running inside after a blistering sunburn to pictures of snow, glaciers and a cool panorama of glistening snow cools you down or turns you on, then this game is for you.

Plus, it has lots of other surprising features to keep you excited and coming back for more – even if it’s raining outside your game room. For example, it has 5 spinning reels of play and the old standby diamond reel. In other words, it’s a combo set that gives you even more chances to win. The juxtaposition of all these features is a bit complicated to visualize without an infographic.

For example, you will be greeted by the dual set of reels mentioned earlier; they will have an additional three reels on the outside spinners; then there are 5 positions on the midline reel; four other places on the fourth and second reels and the median reel travels down both terminals to connect the two games on the screen.

The net effect of all this confusion is that it gives you an increased chance of winning by allowing you to score across both game displays. If this is getting to be too much for you, you have an option to spin a single channel of reels.

Thousands of Ways to Win

The MultiWay Xtra Wins system lets you win whether the icons line up from your right to your left or from your left to your right, as earlier indicated. But if the like icons pop up on the same payline, then your payout will be maximized by any extra icons, increasing your prize by up to 150%.

The payout calculation is based on the values given to each coin, which is 1 to 10. Using one reel during gameplay gives you over 1,400 chances to win; whereas using both reels doubles that number. Always be on the lookout for the Scatter symbol as it will multiply your winnings by almost 4,000 times.

Siberian Storm’s Wild symbol is, not surprisingly, the Siberian Tiger. The wild symbol can appear on the fourth reel, the third reel or the second reel and is able to replace double tiger icons, and other valuable symbols.

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