Fa Fa Twins Slot Review – How To Play Online – Download – Free Bonus

Obviously, Betsoft has launched a Japanese animation style of gaming machine called Fa Fa Twins. This adorable amusement utilizes 243 different ways of winning. It also provides a large group of different features such as, wilds, double reels and discretionary bend over a game, which gives you a chance to twofold, your money at the flip of a coin!

Fa Fa Twins comprises of two charming twins who will take you on an adventure in the introduction and after that cheer next to you all through each of the spin. These Oriental children have a Fa Fa fabulous time activity on each win while at the same time the quiet mood melodies make this a super-unwinding slot to play like Hexbreaker 2.


How to Meeting the Twins

The adorable twins come to the starting point of the game welcoming you to the Fa Fa from the Far East with a charming liveliness. The foundation is red in conventional Japanese style, while at the same time the images are altogether identified with Japan with the red lantern, cherry blossom, and golden fish regular themes, alongside a golden feline and a pocket of gold coins for an additional fortunate image.

Wagering is sufficiently straightforward because of the 243 different ways of winning which implies that you do not need to pick your own particular pay lines. Just tap on the arrows to move your coin wager. The base wager is 0.50 and most extreme 125.00 but other alternatives for this slot incorporate an auto play feature which gives you a chance to play your picked number of spins naturally without pressing spin each time. Different features incorporate a flip on and off for the music and the game data button which incorporates the paytable data.

Double Reels Increases Matches

Toward the start of each spin playing this gaming machine, you will discover at least 2 contiguous reels with indistinguishable images. This reels duplication gives you a match without looking back and it is workable for this match to stretch out right the route to the fifth reel. This is a pleasant component and very inventive as we have not seen this utilized somewhere else.

Payouts and Wild Game Logo

The Game logo is referred to as the wild image in this slot, showing up on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reel as it were. This symbol remains in for the various symbols to make additional winning possibilities. The best image in this slot as far as payouts are concerned is the Fa Fa Twins image, which rewards with 5,000 coins on the off chance that you spin 5 images at the same time. The next on the paytable is the bear and the fish images which rewards 2,500 and 2,000 coins individually. After this, the best payouts originate from the cherry bloom and coin pack with 1,250 coins up for snatches. Lastly, the high cards and red lantern offer the lower payouts.

Take a Risk on the ‘Bend over’ Game

This slot includes a 50/50 ‘bend over’ game which can be enacted after any payout. When you hit a winning spin, you can tap on the lit up ‘bend over’ button in the base ideal to enter another game screen. Here you get the selection of heads or tails and you can bet a large portion of your rewards or the entire sum on the outcome. The right figure implies you twofold your cash, however, the wrong decision will mean you lose your cash from that spin.


This game is a great symbol of fruity machines which any of the punters in the United Kingdom will be very glad to come across. All the same, it is known as a decent rendering of a pokie that will likely satisfy most of the players from New Zealand and Australia.

One of the amazing features is the twin reels which show up at random for each spin. One cannot tell which of the reels that it could be but it could be thrilling. Despite that it is full of fun, it is when these change into 3 or four matched reels that will result in some incredible wins on one spin. The animations and graphics appear to be elegant and this is significantly known to be the mode a slot feels. Due to the attention to the detail, Fa Fa Twins is an exciting game to watch and very thrilling to play.


When talking about the features of incentive, Fa Fa Twins is very simple and it is only the bonus that the player can take advantage of from the Double Syncing Reels. Prior every spin, minimum of two successive reels looks alike. More so that the duplicate of the reels can lengthen to add the reels 3, 4 or 5 that can contribute to a huge win.

The Bend Over feature is also found in the game hence, after any of the wins, you can tap on the Bend Over button and play the toss mini-game. This will enhance your double reward as it makes the right guess. The maximum prize offer is 5000 coins which are the reward get after landing 5 Fa Fa symbols on one line.

It is very obvious that this happening is not common but at a time it keeps you spinning the reels over and over again with the expectation of hitting huge prize. This Fa Fa twin is a beautiful slot with some ideal features and cool little touches to the extent that when they are combined, it is full of entertainment in the course of the game.

Free Verson

The free version of the game is superb to play. You do not need to make any download or sign up before you can play Fa Fa twins slot. All you need to do is just sit back and start spinning those reels as it gives you maximum enjoyment. What are you waiting for, why not give it a try now and catch fun all day. It is a lovely game you will love to play over and again due to its engaging mood.

Game Features

The slots offer players to win big sums of money and create a lot of opportunities for them to win money by bonuses when the player makes the right combination. A player is thought to place a bet that is about 25 points. If the player puts a bet of 25 cents maximum at the value of 100, then the chances of winning are too great. The player can increase the value of the bet he has made and thus increase the chance to earn more money.

Like any other electronic game, there are some symbols that can double the price and money the player has. The most important symbols are the wild symbol and the distribution symbol. The wild symbol in this game is a dragon that is green and can replace all other symbols but is unable to substitute the symbol for the currency distribution.

The player can win the $800 bonus in CasinoLand and also in this game when the dragon you can find it from the first roll to the third roll. The player can choose some freerolls when he chooses the extra bet.

When a player succeeds in setting normal money values then it will be less than likely to get a large number of freerolls. The player must choose a coefficient which to multiply the incomes he has and sees the opportunities that will give him the ones to win free rolls without paying the money but to win from the bonus round. The player can achieve to win 15 rounds when he chooses a coefficient between 8, 5, and 10.

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