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Fire Light slot gaming device is globally known as an online casino that has 243 ways of winning in 5 reels. This is one of the products of an Aristocrat. Although, the title of the game could be confusing just like the theme of the game but the history of the game is surrounded by the mythology of Greek which focuses on the Phoenix in particular. The Phoenix is related to the sun and gets new life originated from its predecessor. Great appreciation to the features of free spins and Reel power in Fire Light game. With the mysterious powers packaged in the game, your adventure of winning big prizes can be boosted.However, there is nothing so magical concerning the music rather than its environment where you will see in a pub with sound from other online games that are played as the crowd is chattering with each other. The sound is accompanied with the great laughter of a lady as well.


Basic Set Up

You need to set the value of your stake on each line between one and thirty on the main menu. Go to a betting bar where you will be able to modify the amount of your stake and must be between 0.01 and 2.50. The highest stake value on each spin is &75. Begin to spin as you click on the “Play” button. The game gives an automatic play button option as the number of the spin can be set between one and twenty-five. At the bottom side of the game screen, there is a window where the total balance is shown.

All your wins will be paid from left to right side. Make use of the space bar to begin the round play. Click on “Help” by marking and checking every information that is necessary concerning the game play, cards, rules and additional rounds. You can also check on the disable and enable sound, so also ambiance sound.

Paytable Symbols

The Fire Light gaming device comprises of 5 symbols that will be highly helpful when playing. They include Indian chief, a wooden statue, a necklace, rings and a drum in addition to the playing cards that range from 9 to Ace. Aside from that, there are some symbols that are capable of giving you some bonuses and rewards. The total stake is 1 on each reel times the cost of the reel.

Wild Symbol

The icon that represents wild in this game is Vulcan eruption. It replaces the other symbols apart from the scatter symbol. The wild symbol can show only on the 3rd reel. In case 1 or more wild replaces in the victory, the win could be 3x, 4x or 5x.

Scatter Symbol

The icon of the scatter symbol is denoted as Phoenix. When you collect about three, four or five scatter symbols, you can use them to activate six, nine or twelve free spins. At the course of this additional feature, the 1st and 2nd reel with coming together to form twin reels. The same goes for the 4th and 5th reels. You can re-trigger the feature.

Winning Odds

The free and online version of the Fire Light game gives various ways of winning some reasonable prizes this is the reason why Fire Light slot is called low volatility casino device with the very low risk of losing your big cash. Therefore, every gambler needs to give it a try. Players that have huge cash in the pocket or those with a low or moderate budget can as well give it a try. The chance of winning is not different. The former rounds will never have an effect on the scoring odds. Always recall that the longer you play, the more your winning odds of some reasonable cash in your pocket. No wonder, Fire Light slot is known to be fair in its playing dealings! Therefore if you are awarded some huge pries, surely you will have similar chances to re-do it over and again. In summary of your winning odds, if you want to score huge, the right and the most suitable way are to gather three or more scatter symbols and trigger free spins. The more additional symbols you collected, the more additional turns you will get and the possibilities of winning will be boosted. If you want huge pay, make use of the highest stake of paying lines and set your maximum stake to 75 dollars.  Also, 2 reels will quickly boost your winning odds as they merge to 1 reel. Gather about five statue heads for winning highest pay.

Where You Can Play the Game

It is possible to experience playing Fire Light slot in two different modes. Firstly, this is the free mode where you will have access to free playing credit without the need to make any fund deposit. Secondly, in this mode, it entails real cash. You need to deposit real cash and you must be above 18 years before you can be eligible for this version. Aside, you must check out the control if playing this kind of game is legal in your country. The game is made available to be played in tablet, mobile and computer devices.


In, conclusion even though, there are numerous mysterious themes used to design the online games but the Greek version of the theme is based on Phoenix and gives lots of exciting features. By giving this game a try will expose you to lots of experience in it. Aside from that, you will have more knowledge about what the statues are all about in Greek. The fact that you are not a Greek or able to travel to Greek does not imply that you cannot know what is going on in the Greek tradition and culture. The game is mystical and powerful. You do not have much to lose but have much to gain. Why not leave other games that burn your pocket quick and give Free Light slots a try? You will surely love to play it over and again.

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