Fire Queen Slot Review

Fire Queen Game is actually full of excitement and fun. This game is one of the handiworks of WMS. Without any doubt, it is very volatile hence; it is possible to play for a long time without making any prize. However, when you win big, it shows that your long period of waiting actually worth it.

I have come across great and massive wins of about 500 fold of the original bet of winning. It could be a little bit hard to demonstrate due to the fact that it is very unique when compared to the other classic of 5 x 4 or 5 x 3 slot gaming device which is very common in the casinos. Rather, there are 2 boxes that have four symbols. So also, is a long stack of symbols which are in the next 3 rows.


How to Play

The simplest way by which you can have a full understanding of how to play this game is to first go with the free version. Firstly, when you begin to play Fire Queen, what you will first discover is the environment that it brings in the sound effects of its background. It is nearly magical and makes you feel spooky for the first time.

The online Fire Queen slot looks like Zeus Slot. Also, the free version and the cash version must be played on laptop and PC, mobiles like Android, iPad, and iPhone. In Las Vegas, I came across ideal Fire Queen all around even though it is not very common as it is always being.

The format is exactly look alike in appearance and style when compared to that of Dean Martin games. The format could also be mistaken for Elvis slots. All in all, I believe that I have come across about five or six slots that are similar to Fire Queen Slots.

They all have 100 ways of winning. Normally, anytime I play in a casino, I usually set my stake around NZD20 and as soon as it has lost, I changed to another game. The cash will be burnt so fast but with this particular slot of Fire Queen, I only play the more if I discovered that I win.

How to Play with 100-Payline

Exactly like the other Double Money Burst games, the features of Fire Queens include three sets of reels such as 3 x 6 and 2 x 2. There are about 50-pay lines at the top half of the game screen while another 50 is at the bottom part of the screen which totals it to 100-paylines. Just throw in some of the stacked symbols and the expanding wilds and let them swing into action. Do not forget that you have to make a cracking game.

Symbols of Fire Queen

Actually, the Fire Queen game and its mode of design concentrate on how to bring out the element of fire as all the symbols are designed to boost the theme. The symbols include:

  • Fire Globe
  • Potions
  • Jewelry as Double Bonus Poker.
  • Candles
  • Rings
  • A Phoenix
  • Fire Queen
  • Flowers
  • Fire cards
  • Different values of Playing cards

The playing card values are very common on such games.


The Fire Queen herself represents wild symbol and can replace all other symbols found on the reels aside the scatter symbol which is known to be Crystal Ball. The wild symbol functions in a great and amazing manner. For example, when the wild shows on any of the 2 by 2 reels then the wild will serve as a transferring symbol and able to move to any of the reels. Meanwhile, when the wild symbol shows on the 9th, 10th or 11th reels, this shows that the symbol will expand in order to fill the entire six rows.

Suitability of the Sizes of Stake

This slot is fundamentally the type of game that every slot players will always love to play not minding the sizes of their stake. The entire 100-paylines still remain dynamic through the period of playing but you can easily change your stake size between the range of 0.50 and 100 coins.

We believed that Fire Queen is known to be a great 3D game which truly makes good application of the 100-paylines. The layout of the reels is somehow frustrating initially but actually very easy to know as soon as you begin to play.

Rules of the Game

The Fire Queen game is very interesting to play. All you need in this game is to click on the Play button, then spin the reels and win cash so as to meet up with your dream which will eventually come true. All the winning occurrences in the Fire Queen are on the opposite of the reels starting from the left side.

The slot of WMS comprises of 2 sets of reels in addition to two rows and one additional one which is made up of three reels and six rows. The 100-paylines have a various scale of money burst ranging from red to blue color. So, you have the chance to vary the two numbers of lines and the bet to choose your entire stake.  This is very important due to the fact that your entire win will be based on that.


Fire Queen Game is designed by WMS casino software developer. This Fire Queen is a video slot game that is full of exciting and thrilling construction with lots of win lines. These will enhance the increase of your possibility to win big win. The theme of the game is superb and will never let you feel boredom.

This is the time to enjoy the numerous features in your game so as to activate various winning features that will enhance your winning cash combinations within a short period of time. What are you waiting for? Give this Fire Queen a try today and experience the mysterious features in it without any further delay.

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