Five Times Pay Slot Review

Five Times Pay is a Slot that can be found in real-world casinos as a game but recently developers of electronic games have created electronic games that are similar to real-life games. This slot consists of three lines that can be played and maybe the possible combinations to win.

This slot is very similar to the slot played by real-time casino gaming players, it can be found on the internet and the person who wants to play, can install the game and have it on a personal phone and play as often as he wants. Five Times pay, is an electronic game that has neealw versions that can be played with other versions. Unlike Double Happiness, you can only play this slot if you are in UK.


Five Times Pay-another Slot Machine full of excitement

Players who know how to play and are cautious about how to play it should understand that they need to make the right combinations possible. If they want to win the prize that each player wants, they must place the three main symbols on a pay line. If the player decides to play only one point in a line then he will manage to win a 2000 coin, otherwise, he will win the big prize. Game graphics and sounds that are placed in the background after the player wins or spends all the coins are very exciting.

This slot is similar to all the other electronic games we’ve mentioned before and is the same ideology in game management. If the player has managed to place the three main symbols and if he strikes the symbols at the same time then it is quite possible that all the coins he has decided to multiply on the basis of the combinations he makes. The player will receive a sum of 7.5 by much more than the real amount.

Players are always very careful to keep their income in bank accounts in order to be managed. In the beginning, it is good to play with a small amount of money and then increase the amount so that they have the opportunity to do not spend much. But there is another option that if you put in a lot of money you will also be able to earn bigger amounts, being careful about the right combinations you will always be ready to win as much as you can.

There are some other games similar to Five Times Pay that are similar and are just as interesting. Some of them will be listed below: Wolf Run Slots, Jeopardy Slots, Alice in Wonderland Slots, Lil Lady Slots, Cleopatra Slots, Lord of the Rings Slots. For the “Cherry” symbol if we have a cherry symbol then the player will only have one payment if he takes two of these two payment lines and if he gets more then there will be more available.

The game offers us to find different ways to play, the player if he puts five symbols in a line then he is able to get the highest cash values if he decides the least will get a lower value. This game is created by IGT gaming developers, which has managed to create many different such electronic games and are totally based on the games that are in the real casino. The game itself is composed of 3 pay-lines and 3 free reels.

Like all other electronic games that use wild symbols, this game also has its symbols that are wild symbols here that can increase the chances of earning money. If the player gets to combine wild symbols there are many it is possible that the initial wages will be reduced. There are two lines with 5 wild symbols then they will win 25 more than actual money they have.

There are some important symbols that are very useful in these games. An important symbol in this game is “Cherry”, “Bar” Single, Double and Triple 7 Symbol. The player has to consider the currencies that will use, the size of the coin, which may have a value of 0.1 to 2, the bets that the player can place are from 1-3, and he can use 1 to 3 pay lines.

The game can be played on personal phones and can be downloaded and installed. There is a possibility to download the game from the Play Store and can also be found in a free version. It can be part of the IOS, Blackberry and Android phones. If the game is played in Slotozilla then there is no need to download.

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