Frozen Inferno Pokie Review

Have you ever come across any game or slot blowing hot and cold? Then, it is a great thing to let you know the existence of frozen inferno slot. It seems that WMS is very excited to accommodate amazing and complicated high variance game title that is made up of heroic genius theme back up.

Sit fascinated by the various beautiful symbols offered on this 5-reel with three row and 40-pyline video game, is indeed an exciting thing that is full of entertainment and fun.Inside this game are ubiquitous fire and ice as the magic theme. These two form 2 of the principal symbols that are elemental and used in the ancient worship and mysterious spells.

The frozen Inferno game looks like piggy supporting various mysterious and ancient themes that are very common in the broad stream media of this current dispensation. It is very easy to come across the link that connects you to the well-known Game of Thrones TV series and that of the Lord of the Rings film triad. Actually, the epic and fantasy novel set of George R. R Martin is referred to as the song of ice and fire which is almost in conjunction with the WMS.


The Theme of the Game

The phrase “epic theme” has been taken to the next level in the Frozen Inferno slot game. You can begin as you choose the mode of the slot through the character of either ice wizard or fire mage.

These two symbols have similar features of human but their mode of dressing and the colour are based on their elemental skills. The game occurs in a glacial mountain range that is set contrary to a starry night sky. It has reel symbols showing very deep and vibrant whites and blues. The wild symbol is sticky which is iced on window located on the 1st position of the reels.

As you start the inferno side as regards the title, you will have the same backdrop but the glacial mountain is being substituted by the burning volcanoes while the white and blue of the former game is substituted by the burning reds with smoky black images in addition to the transferring of the wild which has changed to a live animated fire.

However, the Reel images can be ignored by the developers but in this case, they are so pretty and highly intricate in its structure. You will come across parchment spell scrolls, staffs of wizards, enchanted rings and some other beautiful icons of the olden day’s mysterious genre.

The team behind the graphics has really done a great job by went batting on the game while the audio teams are match-able with the various fantastic effects of sound together with a creepy musical theme which is very dark.

Features of the Game

The gameplay of this slot cannot be underestimated when compared to other games developed by Aristocrat. However, it is very important to this game can be played with or without any fund if you can give it a try before you finally venture into it with your hard earned. It comprises of vast symbols that can be combined on the dynamic 40 paylines. At the end of the day, it may leave you with uniform reaching for the button of the pay-table.

How to Play

This game can start with 1 wild symbol on the reels, either you move in the fire mode or the free mode when playing as the ice wizard. The two modes will add a wild per time until five are build up and the bonus round brings about offering random value of free spins to you. As you enter the spin bonus round, make sure your wild sets are dynamic. Ice is the sticky wild while the fire is a transferring wild that must migrate to the exact position on the reel as ice wild.

Each of the winning spin at the course of the round leads 1 reel to transform to the opposing element beginning from the reel at the left. You will require these to merge in order to have huge value as five wins are obtained at the end of the free spin round. As your spin number could not be cleared, it does not mean the way it should in a conventional game as the value of your possible wins is fixed.

The other bonus features are just a simple pick of a win bonus slot in which you have to visit the olden warlock and choose out of the crystal balls provided to you, then your outcome will be revealed credit amount merged with the multiplier of the random.


There is not much of a great difference in the different versions of the Frozen Inferno game. In New Zealand and Australia, they are called Pokies and local currencies are used as the differences end there. The variation in the United Kingdom is that pounds are used as their currency and this is known as fruit gaming device.

In case you are in search of a game with good atmosphere, do not search further because the Frozen Inferno game is here with the large quality of style and personality. At this moment, it loads fast, why not give it a try and feel the chill of icy in addition to the cold winds and beautiful sound effects.

Finally, one can easily conclude that the structure of this game is complex with huge winnings in the base round of the game. The bonus round game factor is fantastic even though limited. Every lover of the genre will love it because it is more engaging.

The more you play, the more you win, the more you keep playing and winning over and again. You do not need to download or register before you could benefit from the Frozen Inferno game, there is assurance of encountering no spam and your patience will not be taken with the hand of levity with the annoying ads that usually pop up like the other websites.

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