Ghostbusters Slot Review

The Ghostbusters slots game saw its release in 2011 and the game is an obvious homage to the 1984 parapsychology film starring Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray. Ghostbusters slots leaped ahead as one of the most popular slots in Atlantic City, Reno, or Las Vega upon its release and remain so today.

Amazingly, somehow the game contains many clips from the movie, which makes it very entertaining, but I wonder how they got around the copyright laws unless they are paying royalties every time a gamer presses the Spin button.

During gameplay, you portray the main character who’s tasked to hunt down and destroy those pesky ghosts. As you seek out the critters you are rewarded with wins and bonus features that will keep you at the gaming console for hours on end. The game is just that captivating.


Bonuses Are Best

Ghostbusters slots make up for not paying particularly large payoffs by giving you smaller payouts on a somewhat regular basis. The trick is knowing how to play the game. Steer towards the Stay Puff bonus feature. It offers free spins that come with sticky Wilds.

Getting sticky Wilds ahead of free Bonus Spins practically assures you are headed for a sizeable payout. Just keep in mind that the Stay Puff bonus is at times slow to appear. On the other hand, the game offers other bonuses such as the Psychic Bonus and the Ballroom Bonus that are triggered with a much higher frequency.


Be patient and pace yourself during gameplay because you will probably need to invest a half hour of playtime before even those two bonuses land at your disposal. I think perhaps the game’s algorithm is set to interject those bonuses just when the owners think the player is getting bored and might be ready to trade in their coins for another game. Psych!

A tip to innovation is due because although Ghostbusters slots already had many surprises for the gamer, apparently new options are being constantly auto downloaded to the land-based consoles and auto uploaded to the online versions of the game from the manufacturer’s servers for your playing benefit.

There is a flying ghost that occasionally streaks across the playing screen leaving in its wake a long line of Wilds. This is an example of a feature that was added via cyber upload and download magic. Thank your holy ghosts for the Internet.

The excitement is enhanced by the fact that you never know when the flying ghost is going to execute its flight plan. But when it appears and leaves a trail of Wilds, one thing is for sure, your purse is going to get fatter and heavier.

Game Sound and Graphics

The accent sounds and graphics effects are outstanding in this game and serve to add adrenaline to the atmosphere every time you get a payout or hit a winning combination. There’s a rumbling sound that makes it feel like the earth is moving under your feet, and sometimes the reels spin exceptionally fast causing lights to flash. And for a few seconds you are the envy of the gaming salon if you are in a live casino, or maybe you just annoy your cat if you are playing online Pelican Pete in your pajamas.

The soundtrack for the game is also awesome and nostalgic. Who can forget the outstanding and time-defying Bernstein score from the Ghostbusters’ film — “Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!” performed by Ray Parker, Jr and “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost” and many more. It is a delight to hear the old songs for a little déjà vu of your younger years.

Online Is Great Too

The version of Ghostbusters that is available online is amazingly similar to the land-based Vegas version. Most of the best-loved features of the Vegas version are incorporated in the cyber edition. That represents a Herculean effort of programming because the original game already had a maximum of fun and challenges baked in.

A complaint by many gamers is that due to licensing restrictions and gaming regulations players in the UK get to play the online game for real money, whereas loyal fans in the US and Canada or prohibited from doing so, except in the brick-and-mortar casinos. The jury is still out on our friends in Australia and what restricted limits apply to their Pokies gameplay.


Ahh, those were the days when slots like Dragon Lines were very popular, and this is the game to play in casinos and online where it is licensed. Too much fun to ignore. And remember that the online version is free to play like More Chilli, no need to download any software. There are no pop-up advertisements that will ask your email for spamming later. So why not give Ghostbusters slots a call.

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