Giants Gold Pokie Review

Giants Gold slot is another interesting slot that is now coming up with another version that is the second version. This slot is created by WMS and there is a lot of chance that the player gets a good deal.

The game continues to have the previous theme but now the game comes in a second series which has more vitality than the first series. This Slot is very similar to the real casino slot, it is very easy to play by everyone and very nice.



Giants Gold Slot is a game that has many similarities to real-time casino games as developers of these games have created it in accordance with games that exist in a real casino. But this electronic game gives the player favors in order to play free of charge just for pleasure.

The player chooses to play free and of course, will not win money because he has not invested, but if the player wants to play electronically but by investing his money then there are many opportunities to be rewarded and win by multiplying income. The player must be careful to make the right combination and win the round of bonuses, only in this way can be rewarded.

The developers of these games have managed to create other games that are similar to the game that is just mentioned. Players have the chance to benefit from large amounts of money only if they are clever in the way they will make the necessary combinations. Gold Genius a very interesting series that has been created but players can see other similar games such as Towers of the Temple and the Colossal Wizards.


There are some key symbols in all of these games, where the player can get the bonus rounds. There are distribution symbols and wild symbols that bring all the cash benefits that the player can get. The distribution symbol can’t be replaced by a wild eagle.

Wild Symbol, in this case,is called Bean Stalk, which replaces all the symbols except the distribution symbol. The distribution symbol is available on roll 1, roll 3, roll 5.If you have the proper animals to make the right combinations then the time of bonus and multiplication of money begins.

The player may be able to make the appropriate combinations by considering the symbols that are used most of the time. A player may benefit from more than 100 free rolls if the Egg Distribution Symbol is in more than 3 positions. All the benefits he has to get the player to double

Perks of Giant gold

The game is very fantastic and filled with emotions. The player can set some substantial sums of money ranging from NZD 0.1 to NZD 100 that can be placed in the respective lines in order to multiply the earnings. The player can multiply to own earnings and can also win bonus rounds.

Story of the game

As mentioned above, this game is built by WMS, which has found a very interesting and fascinating subject. The story of all the game has a beginning, it is based on the story “Jack and Beanstalk” and the main character representing the symbol has an unimaginable beauty and must reach the net and catch the treasure. The dresser should help make the right combinations and ultimately be rewarded with the highest prize of up to 250,000 coins.

User Friendly Interface

The game has a very remarkable design, when the player opens the game will face a very interesting game that consists of numerous animals, with sounds and beautiful animations. The game is built with two main scrolls that are the first 5 columns and 4 lines and the other consists of 5 columns and 12 lines. The game’s magic and magic is wonderful and very impressive.


All games created by the developer of WMS games are very impressive and extremely interesting because the player can get to work alone and be rewarded for whatever action he does. Keep the lion and benefit from the game as long as you want.

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