Gorilla Chief Online Slot Review

Five years ago, Scientific Games Corporation, a Las Vegas-based $3.5 billion gaming juggernaut bought WMS Industries for $1.5 billion, a renowned slots game manufacturer in its own right. WMS makes Gorilla Chief Slots, which is part of its 5-reel G+ Deluxe and G+ series of video slots. It was released by WMS in 2010 and has withstood the test of time quite admirably as it remains quite popular still today.


Overall Specs

Gorilla Chief Slots has 50 paylines spinning on 5 reels to keep you chirping right along as you enjoy the game. Of course, Bonus Spins are standard for its generation of games and you can get up to 80 bonus spins.

The game takes place, so to speak, in the African Jungle where you are sure to meet lots of indigenous fauna and flora like bananas (what else would you expect the gorillas to eat), lots of other local varieties of fruits and flowers. You couldn’t have a jungle without powerful silverbacks and snakes galore.

The scene changes frequently from the overgrown jungle theme to the wide-open spaces of the savannahs, where you will come face to face with such gorgeous creatures as parrots, cheetahs, giraffes, chameleons and the ever-colorful toucans. All these are symbolically represented as icons in the game and represent different value points during gameplay.

Game Strategy

Coin values are adjustable and range from New Zealand one cent to $5.00. Be sure to adjust your coin values to match your mood or your bank account before starting the game. Pressing the Max Bet buttons empowers you to play at the maximum coin value that the game allows. The game features an Autoplay function that allows autonomous spinning of the tumblers without human intervention.

Now you are ready to start trekking through the jungle. Start by activating the spin mechanism. Hopefully, you will earn some Bonus Spins by hitting three Savannah Scatters on the third, second or first paylines. This will give you ten Bonus Rounds. Getting some Scatters wouldn’t hurt, as getting up to five Scatters may earn you up to eighty Bonus Rounds. Wow!

As you might expect the Wild symbol is ably represented by the mighty gorilla and it resides on reels 2 through 5. It is so powerful that it can replace all beasts of the jungle except the Savannah which represents the Scatter symbol. The Savannah, when acting as the Scatter, triggers the Bonus Spin option.

There’s a Super Re-Spin Bonus-tool that can be achieved by dominating a single reel with the same symbol. This locks the first reel and sets you up for two additional free spins which, in theory, boost your chances of winning. Your best bet, pun intended, is to score 5 silverbacks on a single payline, which results in an almost 2,000x multiplier of your win per spin!

The RTP, or the Return to Player, is the amount of money bet, in percentages, that will be returned to the gambler from the slots machine over a certain period of time of playing that particular game. The RTP is based on 1,000 games played. Gorilla Chiefs Slots’ RTP is about standard or perhaps a tiny bit lower as it is only slightly above ninety-two percent.

The Las Vegas Versions

When in Vegas, you will see many variations and iterations of Gorilla Chiefs Slots, such as jackpots, which make much larger payouts and make them on a more frequent basis. The jackpot versions of Gorilla Chiefs Slots represent an aggressive (progressive) style of play and is suited only for those who want to strike it big or at least want to strike it perhaps “not so big, but often”.

The Verdict

Gorilla Chiefs Slots is a fun game, but it has only the basic features that rely on simple rules of play. You certainly won’t strike it rich playing this game, even for long hours. That’s not how its set up. It’s more of the genre of “play a little; win a little”. So, if you’re in the market to buy a house, I suggest that you find a slots game with a sturdier foundation than this jungle-themed experience. It’s a worthy game for sure, but it’s just not a wealth builder.

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